March 13, 2015

Store exclusives ~ A review

Hey everybody! So I wanted to show you all a few other items that I got along with Amelia. I got a few things from the exclusives collection! I didn't go to a AGP but AG has a sale and it sold a few items from there. So I decided to get them! They are super cute. And there are lots of mix and match potential. 

 So here's the over view.
What I got:
1. T-shirt
1. Pair of pants

And they do come with hangers which can be good if you don't have a lot of them. :) The pants come with  a outfit hanger where you can hang a whole outfit together, and the T-shirt came with a regular hanger. 
 Here's a close up of the T-shirt. The main color is red, and there are little stars in the middle of the shirt. It says American Girl at the top, and it says the store that it's from on the bottom. And no, I don't live in San Francisco, in fact, not anywhere close! XD
 Here's a close up of the cargo pants, and as you can see the main color is white. I really like these pants because you can match them with a lot of tops!
 I love the way it closes. There are two Velcro strips and there is one on the little flap, and one going down the pants where a zipper would usually be. And it closes really nicely and securely.
 Here's a photo of the back. And there's the AG logo.
 And there's a little red star decal on one of the side pockets. Adds a nice touch. :)
 And yes! The pockets actually work! I never like it when pockets are fake on AG clothes. I can fit two of my fingers in there! It's deeper than it seems so you can fit maybe a bracelet or something like that.

Here are a few extra photos.

Thanks for reading! And here's a link to the AG sale going on right now. Will update when it ends. Also, don't forget to vote in my poll! It's located on the right sidebar on my blog. Happy voting! ^_^


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