March 30, 2015

American Girl new site layout

Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for not posting on Friday. I was actually out of town. So sorry about that...
Second, there's a new poll question for this week, so make sure to vote! This weeks question is: "What's your favorite hair color on dolls that you like to buy?" (If that makes any sense) Ex: Brown, Red, Blonde, etc. So make sure to vote! ^_^
And last weeks winner for the question: "How many dolls do you have?", is: 5-6 dolls. 
It was really interesting to see what you all answered!

Now on to the post! 
So I just got on to the American Girl site today and I noticed that they changed their site up a little bit! 
It's not really a big deal, but just thought that it would be cool to share with you all.

So this first photo is the "home" page for the site. There's not much difference in the layout, but there is one little detail. AG changed the "Shop, play, and stores" layout a little bit. They pushed it to the left barely. But not much at all.

Moving on to when you click the "Shop" tab. This is the shopping areas "home" page for this section of the site.
This is where you can notice the bigger changes. The tabs for the "Dolls, books, clothing" etc. is usually centered but they pushed it off to the side. And I was a little lost at first trying to navigate through the store, but I found everything relatively fast. :)
I was also wondering where the "sale" tab was. But then I found it right above the "Books" tab.

Now here's where it really changes! I clicked on Grace GOTY 2015 to see if the layout would be really different, and it was! As you can see, it's really different from the way it was before.
The only thing I found wrong is that for some reason I couldn't click on the "reviews" link. Maybe it was just my computer...

 And when you scroll down, there are decisions to buy her "Welcome gifts" and their American Girl brush.
I actually really like this layout I think it will be a lot easier and clearer to order from. 
This isn't all that has changed on the site, so feel free to check it out yourself, and see it all!


Sorry if this post was boring. :/ I'll have a more interesting one soon! 
Have you seen these changes yet? Do you like the new layout? Let me know! 
I personally do. I like it a lot actually! ^_^

Thanks for reading!


  1. I noticed that they re did the mobile version, too.
    They had taken it down, but now it's back up and way more nicely put together. I'm pleased about that, I usually only look at it from my phone anyway.

  2. I have mixed feelings on the new layout. First, the the positive side I like the new "quick view" feature. But on the whole, I just dislike the new layout. It's probably just because I strongly dislike when sites are changed, especially just for the sake of change(maybe it's a better site now, but I don't know). However, I've noticed some things right away that aren't good. First, their site now takes a long time to load(maybe this will be resolved). Also, when you're scrolling down a page and then want to go to the next page, you have to scroll back up the page to click the next page! That's just ridiculous. Everything just seems so much bigger. The reviews are harder to read(because of the setup) and you can't look an reviews by newest, worst, best, etc. Anyway, I hope you don't mind my rant. This is just my opinion, and I probably don't like the new site because I generally don't like change. However, AG doesn't care for my opinion, because I don't buy from AG. And you say it's easier to order with the new layout, and that's what matters, isn't it?
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. No! Your totally fine. :) And I totally agree with you. I also hope they'll fix those problems...

  3. It also looks like AG took out all of the reviews! At least for Grace. Not completely sure, but it sure seems like it.
    ~Leah <3

    1. Yeah, it's weird. It seems like some of the reviews are erased, but there are reviews for some things(for example, Julie's Pajamas).
      ~Christian Homeschooler


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