September 29, 2014

AG Place Part 2

Hey! Here is part 2 of the AG place post's. In case you haven't seen the first post the link HERE. Next I will be showing you Bitty twins/Bitty baby. This is the Dallas TX store. Enjoy!

Bitty Twins
 Above are photos of Twin outfits "Fresh picked sundress" for dolls, and the "Sunny outfit" for dolls.
This is a really cute set.
 Here is a picture of the "Wild flower dress" and the "Wild flower pants" outfits. With the Bitty Twins wagon.
Plus a few accessories.
 Here is the Bitty Twin trundle bed also with the "Bugs and butterflies" PJ's, and "Firefly PJ's" They are so cute! BTW regular "18 dolls can fit on the bed with about a inch for room. If you would want a cheaper option for doll beds.
Bitty Baby
The Bitty Baby crib is so cute! Everything Bitty Baby or Bitty Twins is really cute. No matter what it is. :)
Here is the Bitty Baby "Sunny and sweet" swimsuit. I love the little "Beach sun shade" because it would be something that babies actually use. :)
You can see the book store from this view.
Above are a few pictures of the store. There weren't many pictures of the Bittys/ Twins but I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to stay tuned for part 3 BeForever. :) Adios!

AG Chick

September 26, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Claire

Hi everyone! This is the first Photo Friday!!! :) Every Friday I will be posting photo's of my dolls
or other doll related things. I hope you will like all of the photos I will post now, and in the future!
Today I will be featuring Claire. This is just a portion of
the photos that I took of her. Enjoy! 

 The one above is my favorite.

What kind of day is your favorite to take pictures of your dolls? 

Which photo was your favorite?
P.s Claire is wearing part of Kits old meet outfit.
Shoes are MAG meet boots, and Claire is MAG #23

Thanks for reading!

AG Chick

September 25, 2014

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun! Spa Day Set Giveaway

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Our Generation Spa Day Set Giveaway: It's time to relax! Well, at least it's time for your doll to relax, lol   Because today I have a fun giveaway to help your doll fee...

Funwithagfan is having a fun giveaway for your dolls. You could win a Our Generation Spa Day Set fo "18 dolls! Make sure to enter soon. It ends October 1st 2014. All details are in the link above. Have fun and good luck!

AG Chick

September 22, 2014

AG Place Part 1

I stopped by the AG Place Dallas TX recently and I wanted to share a few photos with you all. :) There will be 3 Parts. Bitty baby/Bitty twins, MAG/ GOTY, and BeForever. I have to split up the post due to so many photos! This post is part 1 MAG/GOTY. Enjoy!
On to the pictures.
AG Place Dallas TX entrance. 
I love the little saying above the entrance.
 Isabelle's Metallic dress and Armour. Hi Tutu!
 Isabelle's new sets her Sparkle dress and makeup set.
 Isabelle's PJ's and kitten Tutu. (Sorry for the poor quality) Tutu is so cute! P.s. Sorry for not many photos of Isabelle, I was in a hurry.


Above are photos of the display case for all of the MAGs. There's new #61! What MAG(s) do you have? I have #23, and #37.
Downstairs store exclusive section. And yes, that is a escalator!!! They also have a elevator. :)
Going up stairs! 
 Upstairs! To the left is the hair salon, and to the right are some display cases of furniture sets, outfits, etc.
About to go downstairs. To the right is the Bistro. Yum... :)

 Down stairs.  The horse's are so pretty... It would be awesome to have a horse for my dolls.
"Coconut cutie" outfit for dolls and the "Bright stripes" outfit for dolls. Plus the "School locker set"
The Coconut cutie outfit for girls is really cute. I would wear the skirt!
One of the new athletic outfit sets. Any of you do cheer? I do tumbling.
The new "Petals and plaid PJ's".
New store exclusive PJ's! Shorts are silk material and top is made of polyester I believe.


 Here is a display of the new MAG pets. There are
a total of 6 new pets. New and improved. Plus 
some outfits and collar sets. I would probably buy the cute cat. :) Which pet would you want?

 Any one have any of this? Which stores have you been to? Stay tuned for my review of Isabelle's Metallic dress! + stay tuned for part 2 & 3. Bye!

AG Chick

September 19, 2014

FunwithAGfan giveaway prize review

So, a while back I won a giveaway from FunwithAGfan, prize being some of American Planet's Etsy shop items and clothes. + back to school accessories. They are really cute!
To the photos!

First I'll show you the school accessories. It came with a backpack, folder, ruler, lined paper, crayons, and a calculator. So cute!  I can't get over the REALLY CUTE CRAYONS!!! Wow... I had no idea about how cute they were...  :) Also everything included fits neatly in the backpack.

Next is the shopping bag, and bracelet. The bracelet is really cute and goes really well with the outfit. :) The shopping bag is perfect for all my dolls.
 Now on to the outfit! The outfit includes sneakers, two tops, and a pair of jeans. The jeans go well with any top. My favorite shirt of these two is probably the tribal print one. It seems that it is made out of knit.
Here are pictures of Mae modeling the outfit and backpack. So cute!
 The pattern of this shirt is really pretty. :)

 As you can see everything needed for school is fitted neatly in the cute backpack. I will be using this all the time. :)
Everything included in this prize is really good quality! The brown top has really cute designs with a guitar, and it looks like an angel? Not sure but I love it! Sorry for the window scene, it was a rainy day.
 Thank you so much FunWithAGFan & American Planet. Y'all are awesome! Stop by American Planet's Etsy shop HERE. Her outfits for dolls are fabulous. :) Stop by FunWithAGFan's blog HERE. She does AMAZING crafts for dolls. :)
Thanks for reading! & stay tuned for my review of an outfit from American Planet!

AG Chick

September 16, 2014

Creamsicle street giveaway **Closed**

Creamsicle street is having a fantastic giveaway HERE.
You could win this braided Boho head-wrap for your dolls! Also a cute floral print skirt, and a floral print infinity scarf! All details in the link above. Make sure to enter! I am not really sure when it ends... Anyways, good luck and have fun!

AG Chick

September 10, 2014

Giveaway With SongOfHope & TheShopOnLeightonAvenue!!! **Closed**

Cranberries & Crescents giveaway
You could win a doll earring holder, and a doll bean bag chair! 
This giveaway ends September 12th 2014. 
All details HERE.
Doll earring tree,

Doll bean bag chair.

I am so excited that I entered! Any of you entering?
I know that my dolls would love these items. I should try to make them...

Thanks for reading!

AG Chick