My dolls


Saige Avery
Birthday: May 26, 2013.

Hey ho!
I'm Saige. I'm the eldest in the family.
I love fashion, shopping, and my friends! I absolutely love shoes, and the color navy blue!
I'm definitely on the "girly" side of the family along with Mae and Madison.
I'm definitely a extrovert, and my all time favorite dessert has to be Macaroons!

xoxo, Saige.

Clarissa Amara
Birthday: July 20, 2013.

I'm Clarissa, but you can call me Claire for short. I love cats, dogs, horses, and pretty much any other animal. I really want to be a veterinarian when I grow up, or maybe even a marine biologist!
Gardening is one of my hobbies, as well as reading.
I'm the more "Love the earth, animals, and books" kind of girl in the family.
Definitely the only one around here sadly!


Mae Ebony
Birthday: November 27, 2013.

I'm Mae. I'm the more "energetic" person in the family. Haha, that's for sure. I love anything pink, frilly, or sweet! I usually dress in pink or anything bright at least, so in the photo that mom picked out for me for my bio, doesn't quite define my real personality.
Pretty much anybody who comes my way will be my friend! and one thing that I get a lot is that I'm always smiling. Well, you know what they say, a sm:)e is the best thing you can wear.


Amelia Leigh
Birthday: March 6, 2015.

Oh, hi there! I'm Amelia. :) 
Gosh, I remember when I was the newest addition to the family and the favorite. Gotta miss those privileges and the kindness...
I'm the "Fangirl" from the family. I love music and some of my personal favorite composers are Mayday parade, Against The Current, and Taylor swift.
Netflix is pretty much my best friend besides Leah. Gotta love my Doctor Who and Once Upon A Time.


Madison Grace Thomas
Birthday: August 28, 2015.

I'm Madison. I'm the second most recent addition to the family.
Something about me? Oh, well, I love shopping. (If you ever want to go shopping with somebody, go with Saige definitely. She has GREAT taste. Just throwing that out there.)
Umm... I love doing hair, I'm sorta athletic, though I'm not the best at it. I love to run mostly and I did gymnastics as well for a bit. I love fashion, shoes, and I guess you could say that I'm the "girly" girl from the family.

Amour, Madison.

Leah Bronwen 
Birthday: January 8, 2016.

Hi everyone!
I'm Leah, the newest addition to the family!
I love photography, fashion, the color mint green, and playing the piano!
I'd like to consider myself as Amelia's "Marathon buddy" We've pretty much watched everything from Harry Potter, to all the seasons of The Office. I know a lot about various fandoms even though I'm not technically in them. Which is very handy knowledge when you meet geeks I've learned.


So that is my doll family! I love all of my dolls so much! I appreciate every single one of them so much and don't know how they were ever not in my doll collection!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Your dolls are beautiful!! :)

  2. Like Ginny said they are soo beautiful! You are a great photographer!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it. :)

    2. I have Saige,molly,and Moriah(mag 44)!!!!I LoVE your dolls!

  3. You are a great photographer. :) Love your blog! :) I have #23 too. :) her name is June and she has a blog!
    Check it out here:
    My blog:

  4. I adore Mae's picture, and her name!!! Your dolls are gorgeous!

  5. Your dolls are so pretty!!=D

  6. Very pretty doll family! I love Saige with that scarf!
    - Zoë

  7. I have Molly,Emily,Saige,Kit,Ruthie and Isabelle. I also wanted to tell you that #23 is my look alike too! She looks almost exactly like me! The only difference is that my eyes are hazel, not blue.

  8. MAG #23 is my look alike too! I also am, quiet and love nature.(And books, especially books)

  9. I have a question, how do you know what number the Truly Me dolls are? I can't find any number associated with the dolls on AG's website.

    1. American Girl used to show which number they were back when they were still MAG's and not TM's. But you can find multiple videos on YouTube of the dolls being numbered. Or you can just search it up on the web. I know that there's a AG wiki called Hope this helps! ^_^

    2. Lilah: On the American Girl wiki there is a chart of all the Truly Me dolls, with the pictures and the numbers.

  10. Hi I really like your blog I love your dolls if ya want to check out my blog it is :)

  11. Aww, what a cute doll collection! I love their outfits and the way you did their hair ^_^

  12. ah amelia!! mayday parade and atc!! it's official, she's my favorite.

  13. Oh my goodness, you have such a beautiful doll collection!😄I have 3 dolls. Go to my blog (and maybe follow?) here:


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