September 19, 2015

Madison ~ A photo shoot

Here's a photo shoot I did with Madison a little while ago. 



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September 16, 2015

Recent AG Etsy purchase + Tips for buying items off of Etsy!

Hello everyone!
So I made a recent purchase from the store KaitlynsDollCloset on Etsy and I love these items so much! I highly recommend this shop! Also, Kaitlyn also has the cutest blog too. Make sure to check it out here.
She sews super cute and great quality clothes for American Girl dolls!
I bought two skater skirts at very reasonable prices.

I got a white one, and a black one.

Aren't the adorable?

I really love the material for the black one!

I'm super happy with my purchase and definitely recommend that you check out her shop!
I know that a lot of people are afraid of buying things off of Etsy for their dolls because their scared that they will get cheated, won't get what they asked for, etc. But Etsy is a great way to buy clothes for your dolls! You just have to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Here are a few of my tips for shopping on Etsy:

  1. Don't pay the same price for the item on Etsy as on the AG site/store. One of the reasons why you're shopping on Etsy is because the AG prices for items are too expensive right? Well, it won't be any better paying the same price as AG offers for the item on Etsy as well. You are also taking a risk of the item not being good quality. So make sure you are getting a good quality item for a reasonable price! The opinion of a good buy does depend on the person though, but just trust your instincts. ;)
  2. Read the reviews. ALWAYS read the reviews. Trust me on this, the reviews are very helpful when you need to know what the costumer service is like, and how good the quality of items are. If it's a new store and doesn't have reviews or only a couple, don't be afraid to give the shop a chance! Unless it's a really expensive item, you may want to play it safe on that one. Otherwise, if it's just a $5 item I say go for it! Just make sure you read the description of the item so you know what you're paying for.
  3. Communication. Communicating with the shop owner is always good. Don't be afraid to shoot them a message if you need any help while ordering, or have a question about a item! They're most of the time really nice while answering. ;) You'll get a nice response as long as you're nice!
  4. Know what you're paying for. Like I said in tip #2, always read the description of the item. Otherwise, you may buy a item and when it arrives you think you've been cheated by the shop owner not including that (Example) necklace that you saw in the picture listing. When all along in the item description box they stated clearly "Necklace and doll not included." So make sure you do so! It's just another something that's always good to do. Also, say you're allergic to cats or dogs when the item that you just bought was made in a home with pets, and they stated it clearly "Made in a pet friendly home" in the item description box.

Well, that's about all the tips I have for you!

I hope you found them helpful!

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September 4, 2015

"Dreaming Alone" ~ A lyric photo shoot

Credit to Adi for bringing to us lyric photo shoots.


The story starts laying in the dark with someone new
I'm feeling tired from all the time I spent on you

but I know I'm strong from all the trouble I've been through
the story starts where the story falls apart with you

Don't lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
'Cause I know it's you I dream about every night 
Giving me a feeling like

Love in the summer
Way I've never felt with another
Don't lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I'm not dreaming alone

The story starts laying in the dark broken and bruised
I count the scars left in my heart from losing you

And I was wrong but lets be honest you were too
I miss the part where I was falling hard for you

So don't lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
'Cause I know it's you I dream about every night giving me this feeling like

Love in the summer
Way I've never felt with another
Don't lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I'm not dreaming alone

I can't take back the words I said 
And I won't say that I regret
Any day that I was yours

Don't lie, bright eyes
I know it's me that you see when you fall asleep 
And you know it's you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like

Love in the summer
Way I've never felt with another

Don't lie, bright eyes
It'll always be you and me so why are we dreaming alone?

Woah oh, woah oh, woah oh.
It'll always be you and me so why are we dreaming alone?


Hope you enjoyed this!
Song is by Against The Current and is called "Dreaming Alone"
I've been pretty obsessed with this song lately... xD
Have a awesome Friday!

Winner of the American Girl coupon giveaway!

Thanks so much all of you for entering my giveaway!
I will definitely be doing this again!
Also, thanks so much for 60 followers! It means a ton!

Now to who won the giveaway!

The winner is...

Jennifer Leishman!

Congrats Jennifer!

Contact me within 3 days to claim your prize! 
If you do not, I will have to pick a new winner. 

Thanks for entering everyone!

Also, FYI I'm going to be out of town all next week due to a family trip! Where I'm going there won't be any internet so sadly I won't be able to post till the next week. Just thought that I'd let you know!
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September 2, 2015

My opinion on the AG winter release + Maryellen!

In today's post I will be stating my opinion on AG's new items!
Including Maryellen!

American Girl Maryellen Larkin
Let's start off with Maryellen.
I personally think that she's adorable! 
She will definitely be coming home with me eventually! I do see a couple things that I don't like about her outfit though... First of all her blue shrug has her first initial monogrammed on to it which I don't like... Plus it's just a random black color when her outfit has more of a pastel feel to it. 
And that's where her shoe issue comes in. I don't really like the random black in her outfit.
And yes, black tends to match everything, but I feel like it just didn't belong in this outfit. 

What do you think of her?

Let's move on to the new Truly Me items!

Okay... I seriously don't know if I can even live without having this for the girls!
This is adorable! And I like it how AG added a couple accessories to it!

I don't really care for these much... The top seems like something a Bitty Baby would wear... 
Haha, and actually they do wear this! AG also released new Bitty Baby PJ's and it's the same style as the ones for the TM dolls!

THIS OUTFIT IS BEYOND AMAZING. I love the accents of the gold that AG added.
But the price, not so much...

Don't really care much for this outfit. I like the pants though!

I personally love this leotard much more than the other one! I also like that it comes with more accessories!

I don't really know how I feel about this... I like it, but I feel like it's not necessary for there to be two... Idk. 

I love the bright colors and patterns! I can see that this would involve a lot of interactive play if a girl got this. Well done AG.
I'm kind of tempted to buy it myself... xD


There are a ton more items on the AG website that I haven't even touched on but go check that out for yourself on their site here.
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