November 19, 2015

Personal blog?

Hey everyone!

I have some pretty exciting news for ya'll!

I made a personal blog!

*Pinky Pie's party canon*



It's called "Grey not Blue"
Don't worry, I explain why it's called that on the very first post. xD
Anyway, I hope that you will check it out and possibly follow?
I'll be posting DIY's, personal life happenings, art occasionally, photography, and so much more!
I won't have a schedule for when I post, it'll be a "just when I feel like it" kinda thing.
Check it out here.

Thanks guys!

You're the best.

November 16, 2015

Amelia & Pepper // Photoshoot

I'm SO excited right now because I recently purchased Adobe Light Room and I'm

It's beyond perfect.

Editing photos on there is so fun and easy to do! At the same time easy to understand!
For those of you who don't know what Light Room is its a photo editor program
by Adobe. It's like Photo Shop, but specially made for editing photos.
If you ever have the chance to get it I say go for it! 
Even if you don't understand it at first you'll get the hang of it. :)

Now for some photos that I edited with the program!


I hope you liked this post!
If you can see a difference in my photography comment down below!
I sure can! Also comment down below your favorite photo!

P.s. Do ya'll like my new blog look?

November 5, 2015

Blog under construction!

Sorry if you see my blog's theme changing a ton, I'm giving it a makeover.
Hopefully it will all be under control soon. xD

Happy Thursday. ^_^ 

Fun With AG Fan giveaway!

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to let ya'll know that Amaya from Fun With AG Fan is having a awesome giveaway!
She's giving away the super cute Our Generation laptop set!

(Not my photo)

Giveaway ends November 11 2015 so enter before you forget!
Go to it here.
Good luck to those who enter. ^_^