October 31, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you are having a great time trick-or-treating and doing other fun activities. It is Photo Friday "witch" means photos! So lets take a look. These are the photos that you all sent me! Lets see what your dolls are up to. :D

Here we have Inner Star Studio's dolls. Starting to the left, Rebecca as a gymnast, Isabelle as a ballerina, and Alexandria as a red angry bird. They are all very cute! Thank you so much Marissa for sending in your picture!

There was only one picture but that's OK. :) It's a start!

Now for what my dolls are going to be for Halloween. Mae as a 70's girl, Saige as a cheerleader, and Claire as a ballerina. I updated Mae's costume a bit. If you would like to see more pictures from these photo shoots, click here and here.

Thanks for reading! And happy Halloween. :)

AG Chick

October 30, 2014

Thank you!

Hey everybody! This is just a quick post. As you can see, I changed my blog look! Do you like it? I couldn't wait to change it to a fresh new back round. And please leave feedback on anything that needs to be fixed. :D Also, I have 14 followers now! Thank you all so much for following my blog. It really means a lot to me. You all keep me posting. :) And don't forget that once I reach 25 followers there will be a giveaway! I know it is far away but it will come sooner than you know it! Thank you everyone again for all of your support. :)

See you later, and happy Halloween!

AG Chick

October 29, 2014

Ringlets ~ How To

This post is about my opinions on how to take care of #44's, Cecile's, etc. hair.

Hey everybody! Today I thought that it would be a great idea if I showed you how to take care of #44's hair or any other AG doll that has those really tight ringlets. So lets get started! Here I have one of my younger sisters doll. Her name is Delilah. She is a really pretty doll with beautiful hair!
This is Delilah's hair up close. She has beautiful ringlets. But they are only pretty if you take care of them right. There are different methods on how to take care of this type of hair, but this works better for me personally.  
So really the fist step on how I take care of her hair is: I first mist the ringlet, then I gently comb it out so it is going to look sort of frizzy.
(Your probably like what in the world are you thinking girl?!? I know I know, but this is what they do at the American Girl salon for this type of hair. And it works!)
 When you are done combing it out with a AG brush you will want to twist and combine all of those annoying fly a ways. And you are done! Also if your doll's curls looks shriveled up, and wet, its OK. When it all drys it will regain its full curl. And that is all there is to it!

 Now Delilah's hair is smooth and fly a way free! Hope this helped with taking care of your dolls hair. If you have any questions or ideas, just comment below!

 Here is a video that I found on YouTube of the AG salon doing this type of hair.

And they are really harsh with her hair...

 Now for a few photo's. :)

 The one above is probably my favorite out of all of them.

 Which photo was your favorite?
How do you take care of your dolls hair? If you have any questions just comment them down below!
 I know that there is another way to take care of their hair which is finger curling, but I find this to work better for me personally. Thanks for reading and I will see you Friday! :)

AG Chick

October 28, 2014

Fall Outfit Giveaway with Katherine's Creations

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Fall Outfit Giveaway with Katherine's Creations: Fall Outfit Giveaway with Katherine's Creations No doll's closet would be complete without a perfect cardigan. Katherine...


Fun With AG Fan is having another awesome giveaway! You can check it out in the link above. She is giving away a really cute fall outfit for your dolls! (Shoes not included) Enter soon because this giveaway ends November 5th 2014! Good luck and have fun. :D

AG Chick

October 27, 2014

Mae's Halloween costume

Hey everyone Mae says hi! One of last weeks post was Photo Friday showing what all of my dolls were going to be for Halloween. I took some advice from Adaline in making Mae's costume a 70's girl! So this is basically a update of the previous post. Here is her new costume! Compared to her old one, this one is much better. If you haven't seen that post, click HERE. ;D Enjoy the pictures! :)

Does Mae make a good 70's girl?

Which part of the outfit is your favorite? I really like the skirt. It has the cute belt
loops and I love the colors. :)

 The photo above is probably my favorite one.

                                          I really love this picture too!

Which photo was your favorite? I had a really fun time taking these photos, and thank you so much Adaline for the fantastic idea for Mae's new and improved costume! It would be awesome if you would check out her fantastic blog HERE. :)Thanks so much for reading and I will see you Wednesday. Happy Halloween!

P.s. Send me pictures of what your dolls are going to be for Halloween and I may post them this upcoming Photo Friday! (October 31, 2014) Also, make sure to include a description/caption of you photo. My E-mail is americangchick@gmail.com  See you then!

Fun Facts:
Mae is MAG #37, and she is wearing "Julie's summer skirt set" from American Girl

AG Chick

October 24, 2014

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Frozen Lounge Wear Giveaway with Zig Zag Fashions

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Frozen Lounge Wear Giveaway with Zig Zag Fashions: Frozen Lounge Wear Giveaway with Zig Zag Fashions Do you want to build a snow man? Well get your doll ready to snuggle up in this...


Fun with AG fan is having another awesome giveaway! You can see her blog HERE. She will be giving away a Frozen themed pajama set from ZigZagFashions shop on Etsy. Go check her out on Etsy! The PJ's set has Olaf all over! So if you doll is a huge fan of Frozen, enter! All details HERE. This giveaway ends October 31, 2014. (Halloween) So hurry and enter! Good luck and have fun. :D

AG Chick

Photo Friday ~ Halloween

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing you what my dolls are going to be for Halloween! "Witch" photo was your favorite? Enjoy! 

 First off is Mae. I am not really sure what she is so yeah... She was supposed to be a nerd I guess, but it didn't work out. :D

 But who cares what she is? I really like her photos. 
 Comment down below if you have any idea of what Mae is. ;)

 Next is Claire, being a ballerina! My younger sister made the Tutu for her. I love you and it so much!

 I love Claire's tiara hair piece. Very cute!
 Next is Saige! And yes she is a cheerleader. Surprisingly everything she is wearing is from different company's! Build a bear, Etsy, and other random 18" doll clothes brands. And it all goes together perfectly!

 I love Saige's flower bow, it adds a lot to her outfit.

Thanks so much for reading! I really like taking pictures of my dolls. "Witch" costume was your favorite?  What are your dolls going
to be for Halloween? Comment down below! Happy Halloween!
Until next week, Adios! 

AG Chick