October 13, 2014

Doll bunk bed review

I bought a Badger Basket doll bed for my American Girl dolls. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on this product. This bed set sells at Target, and Amazon. (So far I have seen). This bed set includes:
1 Ladder
1 Armour
1 Bed
2 Mattresses
2 Curtain panels
3 Hangers

The bed color is white, hangers are pink, fits up to a 21" doll.
Plus all of the screws needed, and a VERY handy booklet to show you how to put the bed, and Armour together. :) The mattresses and curtains are a checkered light pink and white color. You can make new curtains and mattresses if you do not favor the pink. :)
Now onto the Pictures and review.

 First I will show you the three Hangers that come with the Armour. They are quite big compared to the AG dolls hand. They are made out of wood and very sturdy. My only complaint is that some of my dolls dress's, and shirts, tend to slip from the hanger like the shirt/dress is to big for the hanger. But they are very nice.

Next I will show you the Armour. It is built to have two rods in the Armour,
one to hold clothes, and one to hold the curtains. You are also able to fit a couple pairs of shoes at the bottom. And yes AG hangers fit in the closet.
 The back side of the Armour is made of fabric, the same
material as the curtains, and mattresses. 

 This is a picture of the bunk bed with everything. The picture up top is a picture of a hole on one side of the bed that is meant for attaching the Armour and bed together. But in my case I wanted them to be apart. The hole is very small and hardly noticeable when the mattress is there. Now I have to say that the mattresses that come with the bed are VERY thin. I may have to sew new mattresses for it. Another downfall is that you can't take the beds apart. :( They have to stay built together as a bunk bed. With my decision of not wanting the bed and Armour together I was left with two screws. You may want to keep those two screws just in case you want them together at some point.

The bunk bed is not much higher than Mae. So is the Armour. 
 In these pictures, Mae is comparing the bed height, and what a 18" doll would look like
sleeping on the bed. It is very roomy and can fit up to a 21" inch doll.

 Over all, this doll bed was a great find off of Amazon. I highly recommend this bed for any doll, and if you are looking for a bed, buy this one! It is definitely worth every penny.
I hope you enjoyed this post! And stay tuned for more posts! Bye!

AG Chick


  1. That's a really awesome bunk bed. How much was it?

    1. It depends on what store you purchase it from. I purchased it from Amazon. The normal price being $70. But I did get a discount on it. I chose to purchase it from Amazon because I knew that I could count on their shipping services. Hope this helped!
      AG Chick

  2. That bunk bed looks so nice! I love how it comes with the ladder and the armour!

    ~ Mint

    1. Yeah, the ladder adds a lot to the play value. :)

  3. That set is soooo adorable! $70 is a pretty good price! :)

    1. Yes it is! Compared to AG its a lot better price.

  4. Very interesting! Thanks so much for the review.
    Can the dolls sit up in the bottom bunk?

    1. Really? That's cool! I didn't know it was tall enough. Now I really want this!! LOL


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