October 8, 2014

AG Place Part 3

BeForever as I promised you is here! This is part 3 of the AG Place series. The last post. I hope you enjoy! If you haven't read part 1 & 2, click here, and here.

 This is the first thing you see when you walk into the store that is related to BeForever.
 I love this little display. It shows all of the BeForever characters with their books.
 There's Caroline! Many of you may not know but I love Caroline! I really want to get her. I love her hair. :)
There's cutie Rebecca and Kit! You can tell that Kit got a hair trim.  
Samantha's collection is really detailed and beautiful. Many say that most of
her sets are not historically accurate. But AG has put a lot of work in studying those historical times and making the outfits.
while at the same time making it so girls will like it.
Samantha's ice cream parlor set. FunWithAGFan has a tutorial on how to make a cash
register inspired by this set. See it HERE. Its really cute
Samantha's fancy coat set.
 I think that Samantha's dress for girls is really pretty. I would wear it! 
 Kit's bed. Kit's nightie is so cute!
Kit's new outfits are adorable! I love the typewriter set.

Caroline's collection is so pretty! I think it looks like what it would have if it was that time right now.
Well done AG.
I have to say that Caroline looks like Cinderella. :) BTW what are your dolls going to be for Halloween?
New minis! What are your opinions about the new minis? I hear that they are slightly smaller then the regulars, and that they have plastic bodies.

Julies egg chair is quite 70's. 

Bye American Girl! 
I hope you liked these posts and maybe someday you will go to the Dallas AG Place. :) Who knows. 
Thanks for reading!
See you in a little!

AG Chick


  1. Lovely store pictures! I agree that Caroline is gorgeous, the only thing keeping me from her is her curls. I can keep Saige's fairly well in control but... xD
    I've loved seeing your store pictures! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you just have to know how to take care of their hair and then its easy.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! I enjoyed looking. :)

  3. Awesome! I enjoyed looking at all the photos! I really want Caroline too! :)

  4. Did you know that Caroline is retiring?
    I have Kit, her desk, her typewriter, her dog Grace, and I really want her bed!


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