August 31, 2014

Photo shoot with Saige

I decided to do a mini photo shoot with Saige this weekend. It was a beautiful day perfect for photos, and I wanted to share the photos with you all. Enjoy! P.s. Comment and give me ideas for doll photo stories! Don't forget to rate this post! FYI I will be gone this week so no posts from Monday the 1st-Thursday the 4th.

I hope you enjoyed this mini photo shoot! Which of your dolls do you like to take photos the most of? Send me photos of you dolls and I may post them in 
a upcoming post. Bye!

This is my doll Saige, GOTY 2013.
Also, Saige is wearing Julies summer skirt outfit. 

AG Chick

August 28, 2014

Welcome BeForever!!!

All-new fun! Samantha. Welcome back a beloved favorite! Shop now

 Almost everyone has been waiting for the new BeForever line to be presented. And now it is here! American Girls new Beforever Line is officially here. American Girl has all of the new dolls and items online and in store right now! Check out some of the really cute new outfits here. Go check out the new dolls here. Who is your favorite doll? I really like Kits new meet outfit. Anyone planning on getting Samantha?I am still thinking about it. I am so glad she is back and out of the archives. Also American Girl has brought back historical doll's meet outfits for girls! All of them are really cute. To see the new girl outfits click here. Another exciting thing is on the AG website, Play has new BeForever games! Go check them out. :)
A really unsurprising thing with AG is that their prices for dolls went up. $110, to $115. It was already really expensive at $110! Not cool AG... Which outfit are you going to get next? Comment down below!

AG Chick

August 26, 2014

Ultimate Back to School Giveaway **Closed**

Giveaway is closed, see who the winner is here.

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun! Ultimate Back to School Giveaway with American Planet Back to School Giveaway with American Planet. Hosted by Fun with AG Fan. Check out her blog Here. Check out American Planet's Etsy shop here. Ends August 27, 2014. Click on the link above to get the details. Good luck!
This is what you can win for your dolls!

AG Chick

August 25, 2014

AG BeForever Debut

 Get ready for the new BeForever line to be presented! August 28th-31st American Girl will be having the celebration for this "Historical" event. American Girl will be having an exciting celebration and presentation by doing a scavenger hunt, goody bags, and more. If you would like to know more about this store event click Here. This event is all free. I was wanting to go but can't due to my busy schedule. :( But I will still be keeping you posted on whats going on. I can't wait till the new line is out! I really want to see Rebecca Rubin's new meet outfit. Also Julie Albright's. A doll that I really want to get is Caroline! She is so pretty. I haven't seen anything for Caroline's new meet outfit. I wonder what AG's plans are. Are you going to the BeForever debut? Which new meet outfit or doll would you want after BeForever?

P.s. Did you notice my new blog look? Rate this post "like" to say that you like it. :)

AG Chick

August 22, 2014

Knot Hairdo

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to show you how to do a knot hairdo on you doll. This hairstyle is really easy and fun to do, plus fast. This hairstyle is from Cute Girls Hairstyles so go check them out on YouTube. First what you will need is a AG doll hairbrush and a spray bottle with water. That is really all you need for this hairstyle. :)  This hairstyle is intended for longer haired dolls.
This is the original that I found off of pinterest.

First lightly mist your dolls hair, then brush out the hair so there are no tangles, then section off two thick strands of hair towards the front of her head. BTW I am working with Saige GOTY 2013

 Then sweep back the two strands and tie a knot like the beginning of tying your shoe.
 Then do it again. The same thing as above. But make sure all along that your aren't keeping  the knot tight, but soft and loose.
If you had any trouble E-mail me about it and I will try to fix your problem.

 And you are all done!
I hope you had fun doing this hairstyle and send me photos of your doll with this hair-do or any others you try at and I will post them in a later post. I hope you like this and make sure to rate this post (its towards the comment section) Until next time! Bye.

AG Chick

August 10, 2014

Isabelle Movie review

Have you seen American Girl Isabelle's new movie? I did this past week with my sisters and it was really good. We are going to have a movie night with some of my friends to watch it again!


My favorite part of the movie is when Isabelle performs at the very end. I love the way she dances. One of my sisters favorite parts is the dance off between Isabelle and Renata in the cafeteria.  Compared to some other AG movies this one was actually more relate-able than others. (For me at least)  Even if I am not going to buy Isabelle, I still like her collection and her movie. :) If you haven't seen her movie yet and are thinking about it, see it! Have a movie night with your friends. They don't have to like dolls to see it. It's for everyone. Have fun! :)

AG Chick

Summer AG sale

American Girl is having another amazing sale with more items to choose from. A few sets of Saige GOTY's clothes are even there! Hurry and complete your collection of Saige. It will be ending before you know it! Have fun shopping. :)

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