December 31, 2014

Christmas haul 2014!

Hello! It looks like everyone is doing Christmas gift hauls so I guess I should do one too! I only got a few items for AG dolls so if you are more interested in that this isn't the post for you. ;) So lets get started!
First I got a really pretty dress from my dear secret Santa! Thank you so much! I love it a lot. :D 

American Girl outfit! 

Here is a close up of the charm that it comes with.
 Next is an AG doll outfit. It is the rainy day coat. It is super cute! It's great quality and it doesn't have any Velcro So it should last for a long while. I am super happy that I received this. :D Thank you Grandma!

 Next is a eye shadow makeup pallet that I have been needing for a while. :D Thanks Mom!

My favorite gift of them all is a canvas for my room that I have ALWAYS wanted. Like every time we would go to our local craft store I would pass it and wink at my Mom and she would just roll her eyes... XD And I my awesome sisters got this for me. Thanks you guys! And yes that is Taylor Swift on my wall... XD 
 I was really excited to get this and you may not have been but I was! It is a pack of gel pens. Almost every color there is! I have been wanting this for a long while. Thank you Secret Santa!
 And this is just a plain black infinity scarf from Secret Santa. Thank you again. :D
 Next I got a pack of sponge rollers for my dolls hair from my Mom. There were more of course... Saige will love these. ;D
 Since I am getting into nails quite a bit my Mom got me a few accessories that I have been needing. Thanks Mom!
 Next is a charm bracelet. Thanks Secret Santa!
Last but not least is a pair of really cute earrings that my dear BFFL made for me. (Best Friends For Life) Thanks Haylie! And she actually shows you how to make these in one of her blog posts! You can go to it here.

So that is what I got for Christmas! Of course there were little stocking stuffers, (like food) ;) But I don't want to take pictures of that. :D I also got $20, and a Karaoke machine that me and my family shares. :D I have been singing my heart out!!! Taylor swift to be exact... XD I am really grateful to everyone who gave me these gifts. I am so grateful that our Savoir Jesus Christ could come to this earth to die for us and to pay the price for our sins. We wouldn't be able to get back to him and Heavenly Father without what he did for us. :) I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading! What did you get for Christmas?

~ Leah 

December 19, 2014

Sunny days and loose hair

Hi guys, I apologize for not posting on Wednesday! With Christmas just around the corner it has been a little crazy lately. Anyways, I've got a few photos of Saige that I took a few days ago. This is one of the "stay tuned" posts that is now here! Have you all been waiting? I posted it on my Google+ as a sneak peek. Make sure to follow me on Google+ so you can see things like sneak peeks and other fun posts. This shoot is one of my favorites. :D 

Do you like Saige's hair? I love her waves. :D

I really like Isabelle's metallic dress. It is really pretty and detailed! It comes with leggings too but Saige is only wearing the dress, belt, and shoes. Its makes the outfit more dressy and "sophisticated".

 I really like this photo. :D

Which one is your favorite? Comment below! Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next week! Have a great weekend.


December 15, 2014

The twisted braid hairstyle tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing  you a hairstyle that I made that was inspired by the Criss-Cross braided hairstyle from American Girl Fan. The original tutorial is HERE. I call this one the twist braid. OK so lets get started! The supplies you will need are:

Your American Girl brush, (or any wired wig brush)
2 elastic hair-ties,
2 mini jaw clips (Or any small clip),
2 Bobby pins,
and your long haired doll.

 So the first step is you will want to section off the front of the hair towards her head. The piece after the ear is a good amount. Next, section that piece of hair into 2 strands. Then section those 2 pieces of hair into 2 groups of 3. So you will have a total of 6 strands. Working with 3 of the strands, (closest together) start a tight braid. Once you are at the ends, secure with a clip. Do the same for the 3 other strands.
 It should look like this.
 So now you have that done. Next, to start the "twist" pull the braid that is closest to her head under the other braid. The picture should show you. Next start twisting the to braid strands to form a twisted strand with the braids.
 It should look like this. At this point you should still have the clips in securing the braids. Once you are at the end of twisting the braids together, un-clip the clips from the braids, and secure the twist with a elastic hair-tie. Now you will have a strangely cool braid twist! Repeat on other side of the head.
 Once you have done the other side of her head, join the twists together to make a loop around her head. Next, take a bobby pin, and go from under the twist and go through the twist with the bobby pin joining the actual hair strands from the head that aren't braided. Did that make sense? Do the same on the other side. So really there is only 1  bobby pin securing the 2 joined braids on both sides. If you have any questions just comment down below. :D I'd be happy to help.
 And there you have it! The twisted braid. Enjoy! If you would like, you can secure the 2 twists with another elastic hair-tie. But in my case the bobby pins are holding great.

 If you would like to send me a picture of your doll with this hairstyle E-mail me at If I get enough pictures I'll feature them in a future post. :D
Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in a little while. :D

P.s. Go over to my new tab to request a button swap! I will most likely swap with everyone who asks. Also, do you like the new "winter" blog background?

~ Leah 

December 14, 2014

Fun With AG Fan's giveaway with Sew Sweet Doll Boutique

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Giveaway with Sew Sweet Doll Boutique: Giveaway with Sew Sweet Doll Boutique Is your doll a fashionista with a cowgirl flair? :) Well this outfit is for yo...

Boots, and doll not included. 
Hey everyone! This is a really quick post about Fun With AG Fan's awesome giveaway! You can enter by clicking the link above. You can win a really cute outfit for your american girl doll. :D It is really cute. The giveaway ends December 21, 2014. If you want to enter hurry! It will end before you know it. Good luck!


December 12, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Decorating for Christmas! A photo story

Hey everyone! This is officially my first photo story. So bear with me. And if there is anything that you see that I would need to fix let me know in the comment box. I gladly except feedback. So I hope that you enjoy it! Today the girls will be 
purchasing a Christmas tree and decorating it for the Christmas season! Enjoy!

On the way to the "tree farm".
Saige: "OK girls, lets go. We don't want to be caught in the dark while coming back home.
Claire: "OK. Brr... It's so cold out here! I can't believe that this is our first Christmas together!
Mae: "I know! It seems like yesterday I came home with Mom."
Saige: "We'll have lots of fun this year girls! You'll see."
                                                              At the Christmas tree farm.
Saige: "OK girls, we're here. Lets pick a tree that we all like. We have 30 minuets."

Mae: "Ooh! I am really liking this one! It's so bushy and big!"

Claire: "Nah Mae, I like this one! Yours is too big for the apartment. Mine is taller and thinner."
Saige: "This one is nice girls...-"
Claire: "No Mae! We should get my tree that I picked! It's smaller!"
Mae: "Why is mine not good?  Yours is too-"

Saige: "Girls! Enough! Stop fighting. I can't believe that you two are already fighting. It's our first Christmas together as a family. Don't you think that we could be at least a little nicer to each other?"
Mae: "I guess so. Sorry Claire for starting the fight."
Claire: "Nah, it's all good. We can get your tree if you want."

Saige: "Thank you girls for forgiving each other. Now what tree do we want?"
Mae: "I guess I am kinda starting to like Claire's pick."
Saige: "Yes! I totally agree. Is it the one?"
Claire: "Yup! It sure is."
Mae: "Definitely."
Saige: "OK great. Now I'll pay for it. You girls start to carry it. I'll be right with you."
                                                                      On the way home
Saige: "OK Claire, just a little higher."
Claire: "I am trying Saige! And why isn't Mae helping any?"
Mae: "If I do, it'll mess up my sweater!"
Claire: "Oh come on Mae! It's JUST a sweater. You'll probably just get a new one next week or something like that. Mom always spoils you with clothes."
Mae: "She does not!"
Claire: "Does too!"
Saige: "Girls! I thought that I already talked to you both about this fighting you all do. It doesn't make anything better for of us. Please stop!"
Claire: "Fine, we'll stop."
                                                                             At home
 Saige: "Almost there..."
 Saige: "Got it! There! Perfect. Now for the decora...-"
 Mae: "Got them!"
Saige: "OK great Mae! So lets get started on this side... needs it here, and there, OK. Finished!"

 Claire walks in: "It looks really good!
Saige: "I know right? It looks perfec-"

 Mae: "WAIT! I'll be right back! We forgot something."
Claire:  "What in the world? It better not be one of her crazy ideas..."
Saige: "Mae! Come back here! What are you doing?"
 Mae walks in quickly: "You people forgot the stockings and the tree skirt!"
 Claire: "What?... Whatever. But how did we forget the stockings?"
Sagie: "Beats me."

Saige: "Anyways, isn't it a little early to be putting up stockings Mae?"
Mae: "Early? Never!"
Claire: "I guess she's right."
Claire: "But there are only 2 stockings."
Mae: "And there are 3 of us."
Saige: " Guess we'll have to do some Christmas shopping!"


So I hope you all enjoyed this photo story! I should be doing another fairly soon so keep a look out! If there was anything that you saw that needs to be fixed, or you want to lend me advice about photo story's  that would be great! What was your favorite scene? I really liked it when they were carrying the tree back home. By the way there will actually be a tutorial coming up where I show you all how to make your own stocking for your dolls. So stay tuned!

~ Leah