In the spotlight award given to me by Ginny, and June! Thank you!

The blogger recognition award! Given to me by Adaline from AG In The Shire. Thank you Adi!

 Thank you Hope, and Olivia! I was more than happy to be a part of this.
 Thank you Kaitlyn from American Girl place! I really enjoyed answering your questions.

Thank you very much Ginny, June, Rylee, and Polka dot bee for this wonderful award!

Thank you Ginny, and June for this amazing award!

Thanks Ginny, June, and Leah for nominating me for this awesome award!

Thank you so much doll daydreams!

Thank you Emma, and Polka Dot Bee!

Thank you Doll Daydreams!

Thank you Allie!

Thank you everyone who has nominated me for any of these awards, I really appreciate it!

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