December 16, 2015

Dressing my dolls - Daily Doll Routines

These past three months I haven't even touched my dolls other then Madison, and Amelia.

It's pretty bad.

But today, I decided to bring them all out from where they were being stored (In their boxes)
and do their hair, put them into fresh new clothes, and take pictures of them. ^_^
So I thought that I'd just take a few photos of the process.


First off, this is where I store my dolls. I store them in their boxes so that they aren't out in the open collecting dust when I don't "play" with them.
I store them in my closet up high so that they don't get in the way.

Here are the girls all on my bed ready to be taken out.
As you can see, Amelia is still in the same outfit from the last photo shoot. xD
I told you it was bad!

After I undress them from the clothes that they had on while in the box, I do their hair!
I usually just do the normal hairstyle that they are supposed to have unless the outfit that I put them in needs another hairstyle to complete the look.

Once all of them have their hair done I then dress them into their outfits!
I try to dress them to their personality, though it's hard sometimes because I don't have the right piece of clothing. I think that Saige's outfit isn't dressed to her as much, but it's definitely one of my favorite outfits from the whole group!
(You'll see her outfit soon)

And that's it!
This took me about thirty minuets to do.
It sometimes takes longer if I find some little scratches on their bodies that I have to take off but if I don't find any it takes about half an hour.
Sorry I don't have many photos of the process!
It was a spur of the moment kinda thing where I actually remembered to take pictures. :P

But I hope you enjoyed it!
I'll be posting more photos soon of the other dolls each week at least.
Now for a photo shoot that I did with Amelia in her outfit!

Top: AG - "Feeling great!" outfit
Bottom: AG - GOTY Grace's meet outfit
Shoes: AG - Polka dot flats


Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this, if you would like to have more posts like this where I show you my doll routines then make sure to comment that you liked it!


Question Of The Day:
Where do you store your dolls?

December 10, 2015


Hey everyone!

So today, I'm doing a few shout-outs!
If you would like for me to possibly give your blog, or YouTube channel a shout-out,
feel free to shoot me an E-mail! Just please take note that it's not guaranteed that you will get one, I'm mainly going to do blogs or channels that I have already been following for a while, so you still have a chance for one, but it's not definite.

I'll most likely be doing one once, or twice a week at the end of a post.

So now on to today's shout-outs!

I recently found AGPathfindersProduction's YouTube channel!
She posts the cutest videos, so make sure to go sub to her!
She's trying to make it to 200 subscribers by Christmas, so lets help her out. ;)

If you aren't already subscribed to Maddie over here something is definitely wrong. xD
I absolutely love her videos! She does so many things from sewing tutorials, to photo-shoots, and SO many more things, and her videos are great quality.
So make sure to subscribe to her!

Shelby-Grace is super sweet and her videos are the cutest things!
She does reviews, photo-shoots, and many more things!
I've been following her for a little while now and absolutely love her blog and her YouTube channel!

I recently found Victoria's blog "The By Kids for Kids Blog"
She's an amazing sewer and sews all sorts of things for her dolls!
She also has a Etsy shop where she sells her creations! It's called Her Doll Essentials.


Thank you so much if you follow any of these YouTube Channels or blogs, I'm sure it means a lot to the owners.

December 4, 2015



I can't believe it's happened.
Lea was leaked!
And can I just say that everytime on this post that I've wanted to type my name Leah, but I have always had to correct myself to type Lea without the H.


Okay, enough of that, now on with the photo.^_^

(If you want the GOTY 2016 to be a surprise I suggest that you click off of this post right away.)

She's SO cute!
I didn't think that I would be getting her because I just thought that the doll's looks would be boring but boy am I wrong!
It looks like she has hazel eyes and I absolutely love them against her skin!
And her hair is absolutely gorgeous. <3
She looks so unique in my opinion, and I may just get her!  

Her dress is pretty cute, I love the sandals! 
And I love how her personality is SO much like mine!
She doesn't look like me, while Grace Thomas is my look alike, but I still love her.
The only thing that I really don't like about Lea, are her outfits! I like a couple of them, but her collection from what I've seen so far isn't my absolute favorite. :/

What do you think of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark?