December 4, 2015



I can't believe it's happened.
Lea was leaked!
And can I just say that everytime on this post that I've wanted to type my name Leah, but I have always had to correct myself to type Lea without the H.


Okay, enough of that, now on with the photo.^_^

(If you want the GOTY 2016 to be a surprise I suggest that you click off of this post right away.)

She's SO cute!
I didn't think that I would be getting her because I just thought that the doll's looks would be boring but boy am I wrong!
It looks like she has hazel eyes and I absolutely love them against her skin!
And her hair is absolutely gorgeous. <3
She looks so unique in my opinion, and I may just get her!  

Her dress is pretty cute, I love the sandals! 
And I love how her personality is SO much like mine!
She doesn't look like me, while Grace Thomas is my look alike, but I still love her.
The only thing that I really don't like about Lea, are her outfits! I like a couple of them, but her collection from what I've seen so far isn't my absolute favorite. :/

What do you think of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark?


  1. i think she's absolutely stunning—though if i were to purchase her, she'd be getting a dark wig, as i think her hair color is a bit too light. it's more a gold than golden brown, which would look better against her skin and eyes, but still—i love the use of the josefina mold and those EYES. wow.

  2. Same about the H thing. I wish they had decided to name her LeaH!
    But she is absolutely STUNNING. And really unique looking. I might need her.


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