January 30, 2015

Photo Friday ~ Celebrating 1 year of blogging!

Hey everyone! Something special happened this week! Tomorrow is the day that I started my blog! I started it January 31, 2014. It has been exactly a year that I have been posting. These are the things that I have accomplished in the last year, with your help! 

  • 84 published posts
  • 323 published comments
  • 6,686 page views
I just wanted to say thank you all so much! I couldn't have done it without you amazing people. You always leave the sweetest comments, leave feedback, and keep me motivated! One of my goals for this year is getting 100 followers by the end of the year! I know we can do it.
 To celebrate a whole year of blogging, I FINALLY put up the about me page. So go check that out! I am sure that you will learn a lot more about me!
 I made it because I felt like I wasn't getting a full connection with my followers. I want you all to know my personality! I'll also be editing the My Dolls page soon so you can also know them a little better.
If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my blog, comment on my contact page, or E-mail me. I am always happy when I get feedback from you all!

Thank you all so much for everything. I am so glad that I started this blog! I never knew that I would have such amazing followers... ^_^

Like I promised you all, on my Google+ here are the photos!
Comment down below which one was your favorite!

 I just adore this picture!

Thanks so much for reading! Also, don't forget to vote on my weekly blog poll! There's usually a new one up every week. I'll see you all soon!


Fun Facts:
Mae is wearing a American Planet tank top, 
a skirt that I won from a giveaway, 
and the Coconut fun outfit shoes.

January 28, 2015

Fun find ~ My pet bed

Hey everybody! I have a fun find for your American Girl doll's pet! I found this really cute basket at my local craft store and I made a circular pillow for it to make a DIY pet bed! My girl's pet is Pepper. They love him tons. Also, keep a look out for an upcoming photo story with him! ;) It's super cute. So anyways, let's get to the pictures!

 Here is Pepper compared to the pet bed. (I know the fabric is pink. I forgot that I was sewing it for him! xD)
 Here he is inside of it.
 And Pepper was one of the biggest dogs from the old pet collection so this should fit any size of dog.
 Here's a close up of the basket.

 You can also just sew a pillow for a simple bed! Plus it doesn't take up as much space as the bed does.

 Above are pictures of the basket alone and without the pillow.

 Here I am comparing Mae to the pet bed. Just so you can see how big the bed is compared to a "18 AG doll.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any pets for your American Girl doll? If so, which ones? I'll see you all Friday! Also, my blog's anniversary is coming up this week! I'll be doing a big post about it. :)


P.s. Don't forget to enter the weekly blog poll! It's on the right sidebar. ;)

Fun Facts:
Pepper (Husky) is a retired MAG pet. 
Mae is wearing Saige's retired pajamas.  

January 26, 2015

I am back, and a couple Awards!

Hey everyone! I am back! And I am here with the "You're a great photographer award!", and "You are amazing and so is your blog award!" I was nominated by Doll daydreams, and the lovely Leah from ToDOLLY Awesome! Thank you so much both! It means tons to me. ;) So lets get to it!

I will first be doing the "Your a great photographer award!" Doll Daydreams nominated me for this one.

Here are the rules:

1. Nominate 3-7 blogs for this award and make a link to the blog.
2. If you are nominated, give 1 of your photography tips and answer the questions given.
3. Go comment on a post of the person you nominated letting them know they were nominated.
4. Copy the picture above on your post.
5. Link your post back to the original post.
6. Add the picture to your tool bar or page.
7. Copy these rules onto your post.
8. Have fun!

Here is my piece of advice to you all:
Always use natural lighting! It always turns out better. And if you like indoor photography, try taking your pictures by the window! It adds a nice feel to the photo and you get that perfect natural light! 

Her questions to me are:

  1. What kind camera do you use? A: I use my Kodak mini share camera. XD I am really embarrassed on how small it is... It's nothing fancy, at all. I am really surprised that I can get pretty decent photos out of it! So yeah... XD I plan to get better camera soon.
  2. Where is your favorite place to take photos? A: I really like anywhere that has nature, and natural lighting. I use my backyard frequently but I usually use my front yard. 
  3. Do you edit your photos? How often? A: I usually do edit my photos. A lot of the time I just lighten up the pictures, but lately I have been editing them. I have been experimenting with different ways to edit photos and I want to get good at it! Practice makes perfect!  
  4. How often do you take photos of your dolls? A: When I have free time I guess! I sometimes just do it for fun! I don't always do it for blog posts. 

Thank you so much! I loved answering those questions. :) Now lets see who I will nominate for this award! 

I nominate:
Adi from AG In The Shire,
Kaitlyn from American Girl Place,
Maddie from Dolls On My Mind,
 Leah from ToDolly awesome.

My questions for you all are:
  1. What camera do you use?
  2. Which one of your dolls is the most photogenic?
  3. Do you like indoor photography better, or outdoor? 
  4. Which season is your favorite to take photos of your dolls? (Sorry if that was confusing)

Now I will be doing the "You are amazing and so it your blog" award. I was nominated by Leah for this award. :D 

Here are her questions for me:

1.What's your favorite book series?
    Let's see... I love the Percy Jackson series! I don't know of any else really. Other than the childhood series Magic Tree House... XD I used to read them over and over again.  
2. Is you hair curly, straight, or wavy?
    My goodness... my hair is as straight as a stick. Even more than you can imagine. And it's REALLY long... I love it. :3
3. Are you totally obsessed with Polaroids like I am?
   I have wanted to own a Polaroid camera for a while now... I don't think I am totally obsessed with them, but I love them!  
4. Do you know how to French braid?
    Yup I do! I don't know how to do it on my self though. 
5.What blog that you follow has your favorite design?
    TBH I love Maddie's and Adi's (over on The Halfling Writer). I am really organized and I love everything crisp and clear to read, and I love the color scheme of their blogs! IDK why, but I do. XD 

So since I already did this award I will not be nominating people. Sorry! 

Well, that's the end of that! BTW comment down below what camera you use and if you recommend it. It would help me a lot to know which camera to buy. Thanks! Also, don't forget to enter your vote for the weekly poll! This weeks poll is: What are your favorite things to buy for your dolls? Have fun! 
Anyways, thank you SO much for reading! And I will see you Wednesday! Adios!


January 19, 2015

Week brake January 19, 2015.

Hey guys! Sorry but this week I will be taking a break from blog posts. starting on the 19 of January 2015. First off I need to think up ideas for posts these next weeks, and I also will be traveling. If you all have any ideas for posts that you want me to do comment down below! Thanks for understanding!

~Leah <3

January 16, 2015

Photo Friday ~ New MAG items catalog review!

Hey everyone! Today I'll be showing you all the new AG catalog that I got a few days ago, and I just wanted show you the new My American Girl items. Let's get to it! I will be linking all of the items to itself on the American Girl website.
 I love the cover, it has the cute border on the edge of the book. :D
 Right as you turn the page you will see Grace with her baking outfit on with Bonbon and the french bakery in the background. She is also holding a to-go bag for one of her "customers". And you can see her logo at the top left corner of the page. So cute!

 It looks like American Girl is starting something new called BeForever spotlight. You can do crafts in-store inspired by the doll in the "spotlight". This month it is Kit. I think this is a cute idea!

My American Girl items.

 Here is a picture of the new MAG  "Lovely leopard PJ's". They are leopard print. Not my favorite PJ's... In the corner you can see the new fold out bed! I know that AG used to have these a while back, I am glad that they brought them back! It comes with the purple fold out bed, a flower pillow, and a white knitted throw. Seems super cozy!
 This is a really cute idea AG! They made a "valentines gift set" for $12. It comes with a decorated card stock envelope, and a pink and grey, puppy shirt! The puppy is inspired by the dalmatian that American Girl sells. They also have a new outfit for the dogs! It's called the "My furry valentine set". It comes with wings, a message heart chew toy, and a antennae headband.
 Here's a overview of the whole page. And I couldn't forget the new sleepover accessories  It comes with a Blokus game, a heart shaped pizza, and many more adorable items. :D This set is really cute.
 On the accessories page it shows the two new purses! There is the "Shimmer and shine purse" $10,
and the "Starry silver purse" $10. They are both $10. I really like the hot pink one!
I don't even know why American Girl even made this... It's cute in it's own way, but I don't really like it! It's called the "Sporty sandals & socks set". It comes with the sandals, and socks. It goes for $14. I think that this would be good for those who have the custom boy dolls though.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite new MAG items? Comment down below!


January 14, 2015

You are amazing and so is your blog award!!!

Thank you so much Ginny and June for nominating me for this awesome award! The lovely Rylee from Picture Perfect AG made this sweet award herself! It looks wonderful. :)

Lets get to it shall we?

Here are the rules:
1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have a amazing blog
4. List at least 1 reason why you appreciate the people you nominated
5. Put this award on your sidebar of award/tag page if you were nominated
6. Leave a comment on your nominees blog letting them know they've been nominated

Here are my questions:

1. Wonder Woman or Super Girl (or do you even know who they are S;))?
I have heard of Super Girl, but I'd have to go with Wonder Woman.

2. Which of your Christmases in the past have been the most memorable?
Um... maybe the time when we peeked at our stockings before we were supposed to... (It wasn't my idea XD) 

3. Do you like making things out of duct tape? If so, what have you made?
No, I actually really dislike things that are made out of duct tape. The only thing that I do like are the duct tape wallets. Those are pretty cool. And I have never made anything out of duct tape. (Well I at least don't remember...)

4. If you celebrate Christmas, on your tree, do you hang unique ornaments that each family member has, or do you hang ornaments that all look the same? (Sorry if this question was confusing)
We usually do both actually. Towards the bottom are the unique ones, and mostly at the top it is decorated with matching red ornaments, and ribbon. All the good stuff. :)

5. What is your favorite version of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol? (It could be the book, or it could be one of the movies)
I actually don't think I have ever seen the movie/read the book. I am really surprised myself! 
It's bad. I really need to read them... But I am assuming that the books are better. The books usually are.

Thanks so much for the questions! I had a lot of fun answering them. ^_^

Now for my nominees! 
I nominate:

Gwen is so supportive in all my posts that I do and I am thankful for that. :)
Marissa leaves the sweetest comments! And she is so nice.
I think that it's just plain awesome that she simply followed me! Thanks so much!
I think Jessica is just awesome! Her blog is amazing. She does such a good job. 
Kaitlyn is so sweet, and nice. She is really motivating, and she is just an amazing person!

My questions for you all are:
  1. What is your favorite season of the year?
  2. What is your favorite candy?
  3. Do you like physically holding the book that you are reading, or reading it off of an electronic device? (Sorry if that was confusing)
  4. Who is your favorite singer/band?
  5. What is your favorite movie?

Have fun everyone who was nominated! I would love to see your answers to the questions. :) 
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


January 12, 2015

Rainy day coat review

Hey everyone! So, I got the rainy day coat for this past Christmas and I did a small post about what I got for Christmas but I wanted to do a more detailed review. I will be using Saige for this post. :) She will be modeling the outfit for me.
 Here's the over view: This outfit set costs $28 USD. It comes with a charm and the coat. The charm that it comes with is the loyal charm. I love the colors of the coat! The boots did NOT come with the outfit. :)
 I really like the quality of the coat! It's like a rough material, I'm not sure how to explain it. It's rough but it feels good at the same time! It's not water proof though.
I can tell that it should last a long time, because it doesn't have any Velcro on it anywhere. The way it closes up are the buttons and the belt. It's fairly easy to close it up. The details are really life like!

Here are a few bonus pictures.

I love Saige's hair. :)

 Here's a closer look of the coat.
 They are fake pockets but they are still really cute!
 I love the belt!

Thanks for reading! Do you have this outfit? If you are thinking of getting it, but not sure, get it! I totally recommend it. :) Also, starting today, I will be holding weekly polls. And today's poll is:
What American Girl doll do you like best?
Make sure to vote! Also, if you have any ideas on what you all as readers should vote on tell me your idea in the comments! And if you have any questions about the coat, ask away! 
I'll see you all soon! 

Fun facts:
The boots are from the true spirit outfit.