January 16, 2015

Photo Friday ~ New MAG items catalog review!

Hey everyone! Today I'll be showing you all the new AG catalog that I got a few days ago, and I just wanted show you the new My American Girl items. Let's get to it! I will be linking all of the items to itself on the American Girl website.
 I love the cover, it has the cute border on the edge of the book. :D
 Right as you turn the page you will see Grace with her baking outfit on with Bonbon and the french bakery in the background. She is also holding a to-go bag for one of her "customers". And you can see her logo at the top left corner of the page. So cute!

 It looks like American Girl is starting something new called BeForever spotlight. You can do crafts in-store inspired by the doll in the "spotlight". This month it is Kit. I think this is a cute idea!

My American Girl items.

 Here is a picture of the new MAG  "Lovely leopard PJ's". They are leopard print. Not my favorite PJ's... In the corner you can see the new fold out bed! I know that AG used to have these a while back, I am glad that they brought them back! It comes with the purple fold out bed, a flower pillow, and a white knitted throw. Seems super cozy!
 This is a really cute idea AG! They made a "valentines gift set" for $12. It comes with a decorated card stock envelope, and a pink and grey, puppy shirt! The puppy is inspired by the dalmatian that American Girl sells. They also have a new outfit for the dogs! It's called the "My furry valentine set". It comes with wings, a message heart chew toy, and a antennae headband.
 Here's a overview of the whole page. And I couldn't forget the new sleepover accessories  It comes with a Blokus game, a heart shaped pizza, and many more adorable items. :D This set is really cute.
 On the accessories page it shows the two new purses! There is the "Shimmer and shine purse" $10,
and the "Starry silver purse" $10. They are both $10. I really like the hot pink one!
I don't even know why American Girl even made this... It's cute in it's own way, but I don't really like it! It's called the "Sporty sandals & socks set". It comes with the sandals, and socks. It goes for $14. I think that this would be good for those who have the custom boy dolls though.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite new MAG items? Comment down below!


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