January 28, 2015

Fun find ~ My pet bed

Hey everybody! I have a fun find for your American Girl doll's pet! I found this really cute basket at my local craft store and I made a circular pillow for it to make a DIY pet bed! My girl's pet is Pepper. They love him tons. Also, keep a look out for an upcoming photo story with him! ;) It's super cute. So anyways, let's get to the pictures!

 Here is Pepper compared to the pet bed. (I know the fabric is pink. I forgot that I was sewing it for him! xD)
 Here he is inside of it.
 And Pepper was one of the biggest dogs from the old pet collection so this should fit any size of dog.
 Here's a close up of the basket.

 You can also just sew a pillow for a simple bed! Plus it doesn't take up as much space as the bed does.

 Above are pictures of the basket alone and without the pillow.

 Here I am comparing Mae to the pet bed. Just so you can see how big the bed is compared to a "18 AG doll.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any pets for your American Girl doll? If so, which ones? I'll see you all Friday! Also, my blog's anniversary is coming up this week! I'll be doing a big post about it. :)


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Fun Facts:
Pepper (Husky) is a retired MAG pet. 
Mae is wearing Saige's retired pajamas.  


  1. I have Coconut, Honey, Pepper, and Julie's bunny Nutmeg. This is such a fun find. The little pillow you sewed went perfectly with the basket!

  2. Love!!!!

    Allie D.

  3. Cool! I found a square basket a a thrift store that I am going to paint and make a cushion for so I can have a pet bed just like you!

  4. So cute! I have Pepper, the original Licorice, Kit's dog Grace, and I think one more that I can't think of at the moment!:)

  5. That is sooo cute! I love pepper! He was always my favorite pet! My girls only have 2 pets: Barksee and Lulu! :)

  6. Wow that really is a great idea! I like how creative you are, I just recently found this blog and am really loving all the content. I was sad to see that you're leaving :/ I hope you can decide to come back!

    ~pce ☮

    1. Thank you. ^_^
      And that was supposed to be a prank! Sorry you thought that I was leaving! I'm not actually. I did it for April fools day. XD

    2. Oh my goodness, I'm actually relieved to hear that :p I'm looking forward to more crafts and creative stuff like this, I loved all your past crafts they're really good ^_^ Sorry if I can't comment often, my parents are kinda weird about it :/ I also loved the poll!

      ~pce ✌

    3. Thanks for staying. :) And that's fine. ^_^ I'm just glad you are here.


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