January 27, 2016

Etsy favorites//January 2016

A while back if you remember I did something similar to this where I shared some of my favorite items from Etsy through a wish list. You can go to that post HERE.
But instead of doing what I did before, where it was kind of a general wish list of everything doll related that I wanted, I'm strictly only going to be pulling items from Etsy.
So It'll basically be a wishlist, but for only items off of Etsy.

Now for some of my favorites!

18 Inch Girl Doll Clothes | Ivory Velvet and Lace 3/4 Sleeve DRESS for Dolls such as American Girl
Not my photo
Starting off, here's a super cute dress from Closet4Chloe!
I love how simple it is and how delicate it looks. I especially love the lace at the bottom
of the dress.

Not my photo
Another item from Closet4Chloe are these super cute leggings! I love the neutral colors in the fabric pattern!

Not my photo
From RoyalDollBoutique here's a super cute outfit combination!
I'm seriously obsessed with this outfit. But sadly it's sold out at the moment.

Kings Canyon Top for an American Girl Doll or Other 18 Inch Dolls
Not my photo
Also from RoyalDollBoutique is this super cute top! In this listing they are only selling the shirt but I wanted to share this because I just love the overall outfit look! It's super cute and has a really simple look to it that really flows well. But just like the previous outfit, it is sadly sold out at the moment.

American Girl Doll Clothes - Knit Boot Toppers, Light Grey, Stretch Lace Trim,  Boot Cuff,  Leg Warmers, 18 inch clothes,  AG boot cuff,
Not my photo
From sewurbandesigns we have some adorable leg warmers for dolls!
I've always loved these for dolls!

Anchor Necklace - 18 Inch Doll Clothes // Jewelry
Not my photo
From HerDollEssentials here's a anchor necklace for dolls!
I think that this is super cute and would go with a lot of outfits!
Accessorizing your dolls outfits makes a huge difference!

From LoriLizandDolls we have a pair of jean shorts, a graphic tank top, and a floral skater skirt.

18 inch Doll Clothes - Cut Off Shorts, Dark Denim, Separates, Bottoms
Not my photo

Not my photo

18 inch Doll Clothes - Skater Skirt, Floral, Black, Magenta, Separates, Bottoms, Mini
Not my photo
The pink floral skirt and shorts have to be my favorite out of these three items!

Well that's all for today! I hope that you enjoyed reading this! Comment which item's your favorite!
My favorite overall shop on Etsy even though they aren't selling anything at the moment has to be RoyalDollBoutique! I just love their clothes for dolls and how it's quite sophisticated compared to what AG sells. It's a lot more modern and you can definitely relate to it more.

Which item is your favorite, and what's your favorite Etsy shop?

January 21, 2016

Collab blog//New year blog resolutions//

Hello everyone!

I have some really exciting news! I'm now part of Shelby-Grace's Collab blog Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls! I'm super excited to start posting on there and getting to know the other bloggers and the followers. :) So thank you Shelby-Grace! I'm truly excited to be a part of something great!

In case you don't know what Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls are all about, I'll tell you a little bit more about us.
On SBATD we do reviews, DIY's, photo-shoots, AG news, and so much more! There's a super wide variety of what we do on it. There are seven bloggers (obviously) who contribute to this Collab blog. And this blog isn't just for American Girl dolls. It's for all kind of dolls! 

 Now that I'm posting on there you can pretty much expect whatever I'm posting on here to be on there as well. I will still be posting on this blog as always, and maybe a little bit on my personal blog. But you can for sure expect more posts on every blog. 

On a different note, I haven't done a new years resolutions post yet! So I thought that I'd go ahead and do a little brief over view of what the blog goals are for this year.

1) Get 80 followers by the end of the year
2) Post more frequently (Finally following the blog post schedule maybe just this one time would be great)
3) More giveaways
4) Interact with my followers more/get to know them better
5) Start posting more on the blog Instagram account

Now if I start slacking off on any of these don't be afraid to remind me. xD I feel like that kind of happened last year and I never reached my goals which was really depressing.

Also, my blogiversary is coming up on the 31st! I seriously just remembered...
See, like that. I really shouldn't be forgetting about my blogiversary. It's really good that I remembered it before it passed though... So yes, I will be doing a little fun post for this awesome event.

So that's the end of all this stuff. Virtual high-five if you actually read all that.

Make sure to hop on over to Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls and shoot us a hello. :)

Thanks for reading everyone.

January 14, 2016

Kit's chicken-keeping set // Review

Hello everyone! For Christmas one of my little sisters got Kit's chicken-keeping set, so I decided to take several photos and do a review of it.
I hope you enjoy!

Here's the over view:

Plush chicken.

This set also comes with a adorable plush chicken
but I don't have any photos of it right now. I'll try to post a couple on my Instagram later so make sure you're following me so you can see the photos. ;)
Here's a link to my Instagram profile. My username is americangirlchick

Okay, back to the review. xD

American Girl sold this outfit at $48 as a exclusive set that was only available till December 31, 2015. So it's now retired sadly.

I love this set because of the bright spring colors!
I especially love the pink floral print on the headband and shirt.
I think that Amelia looks super cute in it and it compliments her spectacularly. 

Next are the overalls.
I love the color of them! The pink little buttons are a great touch to it as well.

I forgot to take a close up photo of the shoes but if you can't tell they are brown and super cute!
I can see these shoes with so many other outfits. They have a ton of mix and match potential. 

Overall, I highly recommend this outfit!
Sadly it's not available anymore but if you ever get the chance to purchase it, you definitely should!
It's really cute, has a lot of mix and match potential, and is great quality!

Thanks for reading!

Do you have this outfit?

January 8, 2016

Leah Bronwen // Introduction



I'm super excited to have her in my collection! She's absolutely beautiful. Everything is perfect about her.
I decided to name her Leah, and have her middle name be the same as mine which is Bronwen.
Leah is pretty much my twin minus the looks, but her personality is so similar to mine that I decided to keep her name so I could name her after me.
And yes, she has no neck strings which is really messed up.
I really don't get why AG took them off. I mean, I know their reasons, but I don't agree with them.
Comment if you agree with me. :)

Now onto a happy note here are some long awaited photos of the lovely Leah. ^-^

I'm going to be doing a review for her so watch out for that, also, if ya'll want any other reviews of my other dolls just shoot me a E-mail and I'll do it as soon as possible.
I also don't have any idea as of what Leah's personality is. As well as Madison's.
Haha, yeah. I seriously haven't made up my mind on what kind of person Madison is.
I'm leaning toward her being athletic, but if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment them for Leah, and Madison.
I think that's it, so I hope you had a fantastic day!

January 5, 2016

OOTD // Monday // ft. Madison

Hello everyone! How has everyone's day been?
Today, Madison will be doing a post all about what she wore to the American Girl store!
(She thinks that she went to the AG store but she really didn't)
I know that on your feed it may say "Monday" and that's because I was supposed to post it yesterday, but I obviously didn't, so I just decided to make due with what I have. xD


Hey everyone! Madison here.
So yesterday, I went to the AG store with all the girls! I decided to take pictures of what I was wearing so that I could show ya'll what I wore!

The top that I'm wearing is from the etsy shop PolkaDotBee123. I highly recommend her clothes!
They're sewn really well and are fabulous quality.

My bracelet is from American Girl and is sold with Grace GOTY 2015.
I basically wear it everywhere because it goes with a lot of outfits.

For bottoms I'm wearing some black leggings from Saige's sweater outfit sold by American Girl. Sadly they are retired so you can't buy them from AG anymore.

For shoes I'm wearing these grey ones with little bows from AG that are from Grace's meet outfit.
I absolutely love these boots because they are so useful! You can wear them with so many outfits!

As for my hair, I did Rey's hairstyle from Star Wars but a relaxed version of it because I have layers in my hair which makes it when I do buns, hairs tend to pop out.
But I really like how it turned out! Relaxed, or not it's still gorgeous. Plus it's a great hairstyle to do your errands in. It's a great last minuet hairstyle that you can do.

Here's a overview of my whole outfit.

 I hope that you enjoyed reading this! If you would like more of these kinds of posts of me showing you what I'm wearing, make sure to tell my mom!



January 3, 2016

Doll Diaries Lea Clark doll giveaway!

Hello everyone!
This is just a short post so that I can let ya'll know that Doll Diaries is having a big giveaway!
They are giving away one GOTY 2016 Lea Clark doll!
It ends January, 17 2015. Definitely go check it out and make sure to enter.
You can go to the giveaway here

Good luck to those who are entering!

January 2, 2016

Kanani & Lea collection comparison

In my last post when I reacted to Lea and her collection, I mentioned that her collection reminded me a lot of Kanani's (GOTY  2011)

In this post I'm going to show ya'll what I mean if you weren't able to see it.
I'm not saying that it's necessarily bad that the items are alike, but I think that AG needs to get at least a little more creative these days.

Doll comparison:

I have to say that this comparison is a bit of a stretch while there is not much resemblance at all between them. I think it's the hazel eyes that make them look similar and that's as far as it goes.
But you get what I mean right?
I think that Lea is a mix between Mckenna, Rebecca, and Kanani.

The next comparison is between Kanani's ice stand, and Lea's fruit stand.
They may not look alike, but it's the similar idea that I noticed.

Next is Kanani's Paddle Board and Lea's Kayaking set.
It's like what I said before, it's not really the appearance that is similar, its just the idea of it.
I also kind of noticed that their stories are roughly similar. I haven't read neither Kanani's or Lea's stories so correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the whole story in itself seem kind of similar? They both either live, or visit the tropics.

last but not least Kanani's Aloha outfit, and Lea's Hiking outfit.
White tops, and Capri's. While the shoes aren't the same, there's still a lot of resemblance in these outfits. I know that the outfit purpose isn't the same either.


That's all that I have for right now. What are your thoughts?
I'm not in any way saying that it is bad that AG has re-used ideas, it's just that lately it seems the creativity quality of their items have decreased. I personally am okay with it because Kanani is my favorite GOTY and I missed out on her collection due to me not being introduced to American Girl dolls at that time, and with such resemblance to her items in Lea's collection I may snatch a few items. Maybe American Girl re-uses some of their past GOTY items because they sold so well back then, they thought that they'd do even better now! That's my guess.

Make sure to let me know what your thoughts are! Tell me if you think I'm stretching it a bit.
Thanks for reading!