May 15, 2015

My wishlist - 2015

So for this post I'm going to show you all the dolls and other items that I want.
So it's basically my wishlist. :)
Also please keep in mind that I'm most likely not going to get all of these things that I list. This is just a "Wish" list. So please no comments that I'm spoiled or I expect to get all of this. Not that any of you have said anything like that before but just in case. :) 


Here's a list of the dolls that I have my eye on right now!
They are in order of who I want to get first before the other. (if that made any sense)

I'm planning on getting Grace sometime this year. (Obviously XD )

This is MAG #47
I already have a name picked out for her but I won't reveal it till I get her. ;)
And I'm planning on getting her sometime next year.

This is MAG #30.
I don't have a name picked out for her yet, but I have a few in mind.
And I'm not really sure when I will get her. I don't know if I will be getting her next year because I don't know who the next GOTY is but if I don't want the GOTY 2016 I'll get her. ^_^


Moving on to clothes.
I don't really have a big list of clothes that I want to get for my dolls at least from AG because their prices are getting way too expensive and I can sew clothes for my dolls! If I do decide to ever buy clothes from AG it would most likely be from a GOTY collection.
Other then that I will just sew clothes or buy them from Etsy shops.
It's a whole lot cheaper that way.

But here are a few items that I really like that are from Etsy!

Not my photo

This is a outfit from CircleCSewing
She has adorable outfits for AG dolls! This one is one of my favorites from her shop.
It's perfect for Summer. 

Seersucker Button Up Skirt for American Girl Doll
Not my photo

This is a skirt from Polkadot123 on Etsy.
It's so adorable! I fell in love with it when I first saw it!
I especially love the color. ^_^

Not my photo

These are shorts from Closet4Chloe.
I mean who doesn't love pineapples?
These are just super cute. 

Steampunk Owl 18 Inch CROP TANK TOP for American Girl Doll
Not my photo

This is another item from Closet4Chloe.
It's so adorable. I just love owls...

White Strap Dress with Front Pin Tucks for American Girl and similar 18 inch dolls
Not my photo

This is a dress from Maddiesgirls
I just absolutely love this dress! It's super cute and ugh. It's just super cute... XD

American Girl Clothes - Custom Graphic Tee - Grey, Perfect is Boring, Tank Top, Separates
Not my photo

This is a shirt from LoriLizGirlsandDolls.
Amelia would look just perfect in this shirt! 
It would look perfect with a cardigan.

American Girl Clothes - Skater Skirt, Coral, Separates, Bottoms, Mini
Not my photo

I love this skater skirt. It is from LoriLizGirlsandDolls as well.

Trust me,
I could list SO many more items that I love but here's just a taste of what I like/wish was on my dolls.

I don't really have my eye on any accessories at the moment... I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with AG accessories because they are SUPER cute, but you can lose them really easily... XD
So yeah! Hope you enjoyed that! ^_^
Thanks for reading!
What are your top 3 things that you want? AG related or non-AG related.
Until Monday!


  1. You have some really cool things on your wish list! I adore that dress from MaddiesGirls as well, it's just too cute! Hmm, top three things that I want? At the moment I'm just dying for some band merch (I'm really lame wow) and of course Caroline (who I'd rename Alaska).


    1. Alaska would be a beautiful name fore Caroline!

  2. I love that owl crop top! :) things would be:
    1. MyAG 49
    2. MyAG 55
    3. A bright blue pair of shorts from AuntyKayDesigns on Etsy
    Awesome post! :) I really enjoyed this one!

    - Ellie

    1. #49 and #55 are gorgeous dolls! :)

  3. I haven't looked at Closet 4 Chloe in a while, I need those pineapple shorts!!
    My top three things by AG would be My AG #61 My AG #58 and Grace, I love each of these dolls although the one I am most excited about would be #58. I have so many favorites on my Etsy account I can't decide which ones I want because they sell out faster than I can decide :)

  4. I love that pineapple skirt so much! And it`s weird, but pineapples seem to be in style right now. If you get this skirt for your dolls they would be right in style with the world.

  5. Hey Leah! You were nominated for the STAHP Ur too Sweet for Ur Own Good Award on my blog!

    Allie D.


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