May 8, 2015

My review on Caroline Abbott

Okay, so since American Girl has decided to retire Caroline, I think that a lot of people are thinking of getting her before she goes. So I thought that it would be a good idea to do a review on her!
 (Please keep in mind that this is all just my own opinion.) 

Let's get started shall we?

1. The outfit

The outfit that Caroline comes with is absolutely gorgeous! I love it so much.
I think it fits her time era well. Her whole outfit contains of a dress, underwear, knee high socks, and pink shoes. 
I just LOVE her shoes because of the nice color and it matches with a lot of other outfits!
Overall, I think that this outfit suits Caroline very well and it was well worth the money! 

2. Her eyes.

I'm sure that you have heard many wonderful things about Caroline's eyes!
What they say is true!
They are truly beautiful. Sorry that I don't have a close up picture of her eyes. But pictures definitely do not do her justice!
This is definitely one of the reasons that I got her.
 They are really what makes her such a unique doll. 

3. The book.

Her book if you were wondering has the same stories as the original ones when she was a Historical.
So now that she is BeForever I thought that they wrote a whole new story for her (It doesn't really make sense for AG to do that now that I think about it. XD ) but no, they just combined a few of her stories into one book. It doesn't have any pictures though.
I actually like this new set up for the books better!
I really like her story and they type of life that she lives. I think that her and her story really gave a lot of variety to the BeForever collection which is part of why I'm really sad to see her leave.
They also made her book smaller than normal. It's the same size as Grace's books.

4. Her hair.
Her hair was actually a little intimidating for me when I first considered getting her.
It actually isn't very hard if you know how to take care of it. I'll be doing a post very soon on how to take care of her hair so stay tuned for that. 
(When I do it, I'll put a link to that post on this post.)
So I decided to wait a little bit before I actually considered getting her. And I'm really glad that I did! 
Otherwise I probably wouldn't have taken that great of her hair as I do now...
AG tells you to use a pick, but honestly, I don't think it works very well. It makes the curl very loose and it seems like you're pulling the curl too much that it will fall out. 
I definitely recommend a regular AG wire brush. Or any wire brush. Just make sure that it has wire bristles on it. 
One thing that I really do not like about her hair are all of the short hairs. They really don't look good at all! And her hair is sorta thin already so it doesn't help very much. I don't know. Maybe it's just me who doesn't like them. 

By the way, I don't recommend Caroline to 8 or younger. I actually think 9+ would handle her hair much better than any other age below. 


Well that concludes this review. I hope that this helps you decide if you want Caroline or not before she retires! It's a shame that she's retiring really... And please keep in mind that all of the things that I have said in this post is my own opinion. Please no comments on if I don't take care of her right, or anything like that. Thanks!
See you all next week!


  1. Ahhhh, Caroline. I love her style of dress the most. And when I hear how lovely here eyes are I consider getting her- but that would be silly. I wish AG would make MyAGs with aquamarine eyes.



  3. Amazing review! Caroline is a beautiful doll!


  4. Great advice for a person on the fence about getting Caroline! :)

    Allie D.

  5. Awesome Review!! I so hope to get caroline!! I love her so much, I wish she wasn't being retired :(

  6. Great review!! My favorite part about her is her eyes too :)

  7. Ah, Caroline is so pretty! Now I don't want her to be retired!!
    - Zoë

  8. Congrats on getting Caroline!!! AG should really make more dolls withs her eyes. I really enjoyed the review!!! :)

  9. Your pics are lovely. They really capture Caroline's beauty, and I like the nature backdrop!

    I hadn't planned on getting Caroline when I started collecting AG dolls, but in the end I'm glad I did. Because she is even prettier in person than in pictures (if that's possible).

    Dolly On!


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