May 25, 2015

My sister's dolls.

Hello everyone! 
So I know that a couple of dolls have just randomly popped up in my past posts and I just thought that I'd introduce to you those dolls!
Today I will be introducing to you one of my sister's dolls.
 I have 3 other sisters and today I will be introducing to you my sister Elise's doll. 
She actually has two dolls, but "Sandilyn" is not in shape right now to have pictures taken of her. She is a Nicki doll actually, and her leg fell off... And thanks to the previous owner her hair is as straight as a stick instead of fluffy and curly so she is planning on sending her off to the AG doll hospital soon.
 So once she is all better I will definitely introduce you all to her! 
But meanwhile I will be introducing to you her other doll.

This, is Delilah.

Let's get started shall we?

Full name: Delilah Shay. (Shay is her middle name)
Type of doll: She is a MAG from AG and she is #44.
Delilah is a extrovert, she's really enthusiastic about everything, her sense of style is um... Lets just say... Interesting... (But the outfit she is wearing sorta describes the type of outfits she usually does wear, just imagine more vibrant colors.)
Something that definitely defines her personality is her glasses. If she had no glasses she would not be the type of girl that she is.  
Favorite color: Purple
Fun fact: My sister went to the Dallas AG store intending on buying another doll but bought her unexpectedly when my Mom suggested her and she doesn't regret it buying her over the other doll. Also, when naming her one of the choices was the name Shayla.
 (I suggested for her to name her Delilah. xD )
And she got her the same day that I got Mae. November 27, 2013.

 I've noticed that Delilah has added so much variety to our doll collection. 
She's just super pretty and I really can't imagine her not having her here!

Also for anyone out there who is thinking of getting this doll my sister highly recommends her! 
"Her eyes are gorgeous, and anything you put on her she'll look stunning in."
And her hair is surprisingly easy to maintain! If you know to do it it's super easy.
And my sister says for rating this doll 1-10 she's a 9. 

Well thanks so much for reading!
Delilah will definitely be joining a lot more of my posts now!
If you enjoyed this make sure to let me know! I'm planning on introducing to you my other sister's dolls sometime soon so make sure to stay tuned for that! 

Also, I'm super close to 50 followers! Thank you all so, so, much. It means a ton to me. 
And yes I will be doing a giveaway once I reach my goal. I'm thinking of doing a photo contest actually. Any thoughts?
Also I will be updating the "My dolls" page with more questions like favorite color, age, and more questions like that so you all can get to know my dolls better!
Also comment down below if you all want me to do a whole post with a more detailed introduction of my dolls with questions like these. 

'Till Wednesday!


  1. Delilah is very pretty. ; )
    Her sense of style is similar to mine- I love bright colors! (To look at and draw in anyway, the colors I actually wear are grey and black.)

  2. Delilah is lovely :).

    - Ellie

  3. I love this doll! She is so pretty.
    And I think a photo contest would be fun! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. She is so cute! A photo contest would be so fun! I hope you reach your goal :)


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