February 28, 2014

Doll cotton candy craft

How to make cotton candy for your American Girl doll.

 What you will need: Cotton balls, stick glue, school glue, paper, markers, and scissors.

 First, color your cotton balls with your markers. Your markers may get a little fuzz on them because of the cotton balls but it should come off.

 Now for the cone. Cut out a little piece of paper with your scissors ( make sure its not to big or too small) and starting from one corner, role it all up till you get to the opposite corner. Then put glue at the end, finish rolling, now let it dry.  Now your done with the cone!

                                               The cone should look something like this.

 Now, put some school glue in the center of your colored cotton ball and put the top of the cone into the glue. Hold, and let dry.

  Now your done! Repeat if you would like more colors. Happy crafting!

AG chick

February 21, 2014

New AG clothes for spring 2014

As some of us know, American Girl has presented new outfits for dolls and girls for their spring collection! My AG and even historical dolls have new outfits! Plus, new games!

Here are some of my favorite new outfits:

Double-bow dress for dolls $30,                      Floral swim outfit for dolls $30,  

Kits candy-making set $64,                          Rebecca's school play outfit $64,


Happy birthday outfit $24,                                           Pretty pink outfit for dolls $28.

All outfits sold at American Girl.

 I love the color of the double-bow dress, and I like the swimsuit's cute fabric. Kit's dress looks so elegant and silky! Rebecca's outfit features stunning purple and gold color, and the happy birthday outfit seems to be simple, but sometimes that's all you need! 

AG chick

February 20, 2014

Samantha's coming back!

Samantha Parkington is coming back!

American Girl Samantha Parkington was retired officially on May 31, 2009  and is coming back! American Girl just announced on Facebook that THIS FALL she is coming back! And it is said that she will have a new meet outfit! How exciting! I am already thinking that I should maybe buy her when she does come back.

American Girl is spreading the news!

Time to celebrate, Samantha Parkington fans—your favorite is coming back this fall! Our Victorian-era character's return is just one of the exciting changes to our historical line. Stay tuned for more details…

I wonder how American Girl is going to re-present her? I can't wait till then. She is my Mom's favorite. I really wonder if they will be bringing back Nellie O'Malley and their accessories too. I hope so!

Who's your favorite historical doll? I'd love to hear about her in the comments. 

About Samantha:

Samantha Parkington is a bright, compassionate girl living with her wealthy grandmother in 1904. It's an exciting time of change in America, and Samantha's world is filled with frills and finery, parties and play. But Samantha sees that times are not good for everybody. That's why she tries to make a difference in the life of her friend Nellie, a servant girl whose life is nothing like Samantha's!
Along with Molly and Kirsten, Samantha was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986.

February 14, 2014

Doll infinity scarf


How to make a infinity scarf for your doll! Super cute and fashionable.

This project involves sewing

Hey AG girlies! Today we are going to make an infinity scarf for your doll! You are going to need: knit fabric, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and a sewing machine or needle and thread. For the knit fabric i prefer it to be thin and really stretchy because it isn't as stiff and the finished scarf looks better.

 First, lay out your material, then measure and mark 6x16 inches.  

 And since I am using a ruler which is only 12 inches I will be marking the 12 inch line and then adding four inches to equal 16 inches for the length.
 Next, cut out your material using the guidelines you just made.

Then, fold over your piece of fabric long ways, then on the width side. And you should end up with four layers at the end. Next you will be sewing them together. This part may be hand sewn, or sewn with a sewing machine.      

 Once you are done sewing it together cut off the extra thread.

 Turn it right side out and put it on your doll. Now your doll has a beautiful infinity scarf!
Happy sewing!

P.s. Happy valentines day!

AG Chick