February 28, 2014

Doll cotton candy craft

How to make cotton candy for your American Girl doll.

 What you will need: Cotton balls, stick glue, school glue, paper, markers, and scissors.

 First, color your cotton balls with your markers. Your markers may get a little fuzz on them because of the cotton balls but it should come off.

 Now for the cone. Cut out a little piece of paper with your scissors ( make sure its not to big or too small) and starting from one corner, role it all up till you get to the opposite corner. Then put glue at the end, finish rolling, now let it dry.  Now your done with the cone!

                                               The cone should look something like this.

 Now, put some school glue in the center of your colored cotton ball and put the top of the cone into the glue. Hold, and let dry.

  Now your done! Repeat if you would like more colors. Happy crafting!

AG chick

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  1. That looks real! It's even better than the one Liz from american girl fan made!


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