March 4, 2014

Fun finds

Hey everyone! I have another fantastic post that I look forward to showing you!

So, I went to my Aunts bridal show and it was themed the "80's" and on all the tables there were some really cute mini games such as: Mini Rubik's cubs, and mini connect 4 games in various colors that I could play with Me my Sis's, and I found out that they are the perfect size for my AG dolls! Now I'am not sure where she got them and I wish I did... :)  

But they are really cute, and now My dolls have these really cute games to play together! 

I guess what i am trying to say is, keep you eyes peeled for things that would be the perfect size for your American Girl doll! 
You might want to look at a dollar store and find cheap items. Be creative! (Example) My Mom came home with these little containers that looked like laundry baskets perfect for dolls and they were! So think BIG and creative!

First we have the mini connect 4 game for dolls! It was a mini version for people, and now it's actual size for my 18" dolls.
It looks like Saige and Mae are having fun playing connect 4! :)

Super cute right? Keep in mind that if you find something for your AG doll that has small piece's such as the connect 4 game for the checkers, to KEEP OUT OF REACH OF LITTLE CHILDREN! I want you to be safe. Lot's of small things can look just like candy like these checkers for the connect 4 game.

A closer look at the connect 4 game. The other colors of the board that i have is" Blue, and orange.

So now we are on to the mini Rubik's cubes! I am so excited that i can show you this! They are the PERFECT size for my dolls. They can actually twist, and they really look like the real thing! Maybe except for the colors... The colors are more of a pastel's.

A closer look at the mini Rubik's cubes.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed! And keep a look out for cute items for your AG doll!

Happy finding!

AG Chick 


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