March 18, 2014

The Bitty project

The girl I babysit brought over her bigger Sister's really old and "Well loved" dirty Bitty baby doll and asked me to clean her up for her. So I took photos along the way to show you all how the results turned out. She is the dirtiest AG doll have ever worked with. But, I was able to clean her up! I was using the baking soda with warm water and a wash cloth to clean her up and it works really well. Go to the American Girl website for Videos on how to clean and care for your doll.

Here's some pictures.

 These are pics of her head, legs, and arms when she was presented to Me.

 As I started barely rubbing her skin, there was right away a HUGE difference.
Dirty                               Cleaner
Before      and       After

 Her face is now super clean after cleaning it. But I still want to work on her so she can be as clean as she can be, so I'm going to try different another way that might help even more. Like an magic eraser. (I'll probably do another post about cleaning dolls with an magic eraser.) Hopefully.

        All pretty again! It feels a lot better when owning and holding a clean doll.

 She was a great patient for my to work on. I am hoping to see her again so I can clean her up a little more. She looks almost new accept for her painted hair that is scratching off and her colored torso. I asked the girl I babysit if She could bring over her own Bitty baby the next time she came over so I could clean her up too. Iv'e seen her own Bitty before and know that she needs cleaning.

Want to learn how to clean your own doll? Read below on how I cleaned this doll up. 

How to clean your doll

You will need: Two small bowls, a spoon, baking soda, warm water, and wash cloth. 

First, fill one small bowl with warm water, then, one with a tiny bit of baking soda, pour some of the warm water into the one with the baking soda, then stir with spoon until paste is the consistency of tooth paste. Damp wash cloth, and dip it into the mixture and gently rub on stain and dirty skin of doll. repeat if needed. 

AG Chick

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