November 30, 2014

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Girl of The Year Mini Isabelle and Pajama Set Give...

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Girl of The Year Mini Isabelle and Pajama Set Give...: Christmas Morning Giveaway with American Planet Who doesn't want to spoil her doll on Christ mas morning? Well this is the ...

Photo taken by FunwithAGfan

Heya everyone! This is just a really quick post and I wanted to let you all know that Fun with AG fan is having a fantastic giveaway! Guess what she is giving away now? A set of pink pajama's for your lovely 18" dolls, and a mini Isabelle doll. Great prizes right? You can have a chance to win these things if you enter her giveaway! This giveaway ends December 7, 2014. Hurry to enter! All details are in the link above. Are you entering? I know I am! Thanks for reading!


November 28, 2014

Winner of the 25 follower giveaway!

Hey everyone! Here are the results of the winner of my 25 follower giveaway! I just wanted to say thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway, it really means a lot to me. :D Now on to what you all want to see!  And the winner of the giveaway is...

Just keep scrolling

Just keep scrolling

And the winner is... HAYLIE!
Congrats Haylie! You will need to contact me within 3 days to claim your prize. If you do not, I will have to pick another winner and you will not receive the prize. Thank you everyone who entered! Have a wonderful day. :D

~ Leah 

November 26, 2014

The stahp ur too sweet award

Thank you SO much Ginny and June for nominating me for this awesome award! I can't wait to put it up on my awards page. :D 

Here are my questions:

1. Peanut Butter or Jelly?
Can I pick both for a PB & J sandwich? XD
2. Do you ever watch the commercials on TV just to see a trailer for a new movie?
Nope because (This will sound crazy) I don't have a TV.
3. What is your favorite date (ex: 11/14 because blah, we know this is a little random, yes.)
My birthday! 6/2. (Can I pick that?)
4. Have you ever had a friend that you know will be there for you forever?
My BFFL (Best Friends For Life) Haylie! BIG shout out to her and her friend Katrina for their amazing blog! You can go to it here. :D
5. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I actually really like the letter C. Not sure why but I just do. :3
6. If you were only allowed to have one more American Girl Doll, who would you choose?
Any? Kanani for sure... Caroline?
7. What are you planning to be when you grow up?
Hmm... I have sort of thought of that. Not really sure. I would probably want to be a stay at home Mom.
8. Favorite subject in school?
9. Can you sew? If so, what do you like to sew best?
I can sew but definitely not as good as Kaitlyn at American Girl Place. :D She is AMAZING! I really like to sew quilts. They are really easy and you can make them how ever you want! 

I nominate:
Adaline (AG In The Shire)
Rylee (Picture perfect AG)
Ginny and June (Small town American Girl)
Marissa (Inner Star Studios)
American Girl Place
Hope Herman
G. Hunter
Claire M.

You don't have to do this award but I thought that it would be good for you all to know that you make my day with your comments and just being you!

Now my questions for you all are:

1. What is your favorite song?
2. What type of shoe do you like best?
3. Chocolate or fruity candy?
4. Favorite day of the week?
5. Do you like to wear makeup?
6. Favorite season? 

7. What is your favorite TV show or movie?

Here are the rules:
  • Nominate somebody who you you believe is  uber sweet, who is always leaving nice comments, or is just a great, kind Blogger friend of yours.
  • Answer the questions the Blogger who nominated you asked, and then come up with at least 5 new, original questions for your nominees to answer
  • Be sure to leave a comment on the nominees blog, letting them know that they've been nominated. Leave a link to the post so they can easily find it as well. 
  • You must nominate at least 10 people. Tagbacks are allowed, as is nominating people more than once
  • Copy and paste the guidelines so that everybody knows what the heck is going on xD
  • And finally, have FUN!
(You obviously don't HAVE to do the tag if you're nominated, but you must answer the questions if you want the award on your blog. :))

Thanks for reading! And if you have nominated me for this award don't worry! I'll be updating this post  for more questions for this award from you all.


November 24, 2014

Fun finds!

Hey everyone! On Saturday I found some cool things for dolls at Hobby Lobby. I took some pictures along the way. Enjoy!

 First here is a really big book of American Girl stickers. It's not really for your dolls but it is doll related. :3 As you can see, there are stickers for every Historical doll. (Now known as BeForever) Even the retired ones. There are a total of 188 stickers. It is a little pricey for $5.00 but it is really cute. :D It would be perfect for a small but cute birthday present or a stocking stuffer.
 Next is a rug for your doll! I found this in the clearance section of the store and it is supposed to be a locker rug but it would be perfect for beside a doll bed or in the middle of a living area. There are different colors such as Blue, black, and hot pink. They are really cute! I am not sure of the price but I am sure it was reasonable.
 Next I'll be going into the wood section that you can paint yourself or do anything you want with it! Here is a doll "dresser" It is a jewelry box for girls but it is the perfect height for a doll dresser. I actually purchased it to see what I could do with it. So be on the look out for that upcoming post!

This little bench would be perfect for a mini doll. It is so adorable! I think that it would look really cute in white paint. :D  Also right beside the bench is a flower pot that would look really cute stained brown with a silk plant in it with some fake moss in the pot filling in the gap. Right? What do you think of all this?

Hope this helped you out with ideas of what crafty things you can do with your doll! What type of things have you found for you dolls? Thanks for reading!

And don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends Wednesday. So hurry to enter. You can enter here. I will be giving away a scarf for your 18" doll. Handmade my me! I crocheted  it. Make sure to enter!


November 23, 2014

Doll diaries Laurent Doll $75 Gift Certificate Sweepstakes

Hi everyone! This is a really quick post just to let you all know about Doll diaries awesome giveaway! They will be giving away 1 $75 gift certificate to 1 lucky winner for Laurant doll. A company for 18" dolls. It would be perfect for Christmas shopping! They sell furniture for dolls, clothes, accessories, and a lot more things! You can enter the giveaway here. It will be ending midnight November 30th 2014. Good luck!
I already entered. :D Will you be entering? 

Goodnight everyone!


November 21, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Claire

Are ya'll all ready for some photos? I've got some here of Claire that I thought that you all would enjoy. :D Hope you like them!

 I love her boots. You can use them for so many outfits! Do any of you have them?

 I really like this pic. :D

Which photo was your favorite? I really like the sixth one. Also, don't forget about my giveaway! It ends this next Wednesday. You can enter here. Are you entering? Have a good weekend! And I'll see you Monday. Adios!

Fun facts:
Claire is MAG #23, and she is wearing the true spirit outfit from American Girl. 


November 19, 2014

25 follower giveaway!

Hey everybody! As I promised you, a giveaway. Now I have 25 followers! Thank you all SO much. It really means a lot to me that you all really enjoy my blog. :D I never thought that I would have this many followers! Thank you all so much! So lets see what I will be giving away!

 I will be giving away a scarf handmade by me to 1 lucky winner. The scarf is a nice tan color with threads that are Metallic that shine off of light. It is really pretty! You would have to see it in person because these photos do not do it's justice. :D And the great thing is that it will match with a lot of what is in your dolls wardrobe! ONLY the scarf will be given away. anything else that Saige is wearing is NOT a part of the prize.

Here are a few more pictures of Saige wearing the scarf. Enjoy!

In this picture you can see the sparkle thread a lot more clearly.
There it is!

How to enter:

To enter all you have to do is tell me in the comment box what your favorite thing about fall is.
"My favorite thing about fall is..."
And make sure to include your nickname/name in your comment so I can identify the winner.
I will be picking the winner the old fashion way. By drawing a random name out of a bowl.

For extra entries:

  • Pin this giveaway on Pinterest. (1+ entry)
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog, in a forum, or on Facebook. (1+ entry for each)
Make sure to come back and leave a second comment telling me what extra things you did to enter. And if you pinned this, or blogged this, come back with the URL of the post/pin so I can make sure that you did just that. 

NOTICE: You must have a parents permission to enter. Because you will have to give me your home address if you win so I can send you the prize. Doll, shirt, boots, and jeans are NOT included. 

 Sorry! I can only ship within the US. 

This giveaway ends November 26, 2014 at Midnight. Central Standard Time. If you have any questions about anything related to this giveaway don't hesitate to leave a comment! Also, don't forget to tell anyone that you think would like to enter about this giveaway! 

Thanks for entering and good luck!


November 17, 2014

A few MORE awards...

Hey everyone! I have a few more awards to do and I can't wait to get started! Thanks everyone who has nominated me or will. It means a lot to me! 

Thank you so much Kaitlyn (from American Girl Place) for nominating me for the LG award! Now lets get started.
I was actually nominated for this award a while ago back when I had no idea how to do awards or even blog that well. But now I can finally do it and I actually understand everything! LOL. :D So now I will be doing this wonderful award! Thank you Kaitlyn!  

Her questions for me are:

1. Do you say restroom or bathroom?
    Both. But I usually say bathroom.
2. Do you say soda or pop?
3. Favorite food?
4. Do you like crafts or photo shoots better?
    Photo shoots
5. Leggings or jeans?
    I love jeans! 
6. Rain or snow?
     Snow! Because it NEVER snows where I am.
7. Do you like painting fingernails?
    I do occasionally. (But I am not really good at it if I am doing my own hands.)
8. Are your ears pierced?
    Yes they are! 

That is all of the questions! Now for who I nominate!

I nominate:
Adaline (AG In The Shire)
Aliah (Joyful June)

And now my questions for you all are:

1.What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like to sleep on your back, stomach, or your side? 
3. Who is your favorite famous person?
4. Do you have a pet?
5. Do you like shorts or jeans best?
6. Do you have your own bedroom?
7. What color is your hair?
8. Which hand do you use? (Right, left.)

Here are the rules!
*No tag backs
*You must give credit to the person who nominated you
*Answer eight questions given to the person who nominated you, then give eight more questions for your nominees.
*Nominate eight people
*Put the award on your sidebar, or on a special page for your awards!

OK. Now my nominees you will need to answer these questions on your blog in one of your posts! Have fun!

Next up.  Olivia from AG Geeks and Hope from all things doll tagged me for this grateful blogger tag. Thank you both! 

Now here are the 10 things that I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for music.
   I couldn't imagine my life without music. And I love to play the piano so much!   
2. I am grateful for trees.
    I always love to climb a good tree! They are also great for swings. ;D
3. Food!
    I mean who could live without food? We take for granted for all we have compared to other countries and places who have almost nothing. 
4. My family.
    My family is really big and its great! And they support me in all I do. :) And I love them so much! 
5. Friends.
    My friends encourage me to be the best I can be! And I really love them for that. Shout out to Haylie from CraftyEinsteins
6. My house
    I love my wonderful house that keeps me safe from all of the bad stuff. XD "Bad stuff"... 
7. My Mom and Dad
    I can't even thank my Mom and Dad for everything that they have done for me because they have done a lot! 
8. Cameras
I love cameras! They can capture the best moments in life. (And I really like to take photos of my dolls) 
9. Paper
I draw quite a bit and I wouldn't really know how to draw without it! I am also really organized with everything and I don't know what I would use to make a to-do list.
10. You awesome bloggers! This is to anyone who reads this. :D You all keep me posting and doing new things! Dolls is one of my hobbies that I LOVE to do. And I don't' know what I would be doing if I hadn't had gotten a blog. Thank you! 

Now I tag:
Polka dot bee
Shelby Grace,
Olivia (The geek) 
Aibhilin (Evelyn)
Claire M.
Kelsey M,
Marissa (Inner star studios)
Maghan (Girl doll type)

Congrats! You are the chosen people. :D

Here are the rules for this tag:

1. Make sure to thank the person who nominated you for this tag. Link back to their blog in your post!

2. Write out ten things that you are thankful for. Don't write it quickly. Put some good, deep thought into what you are writing and explain your reasoning for each.

3. Tag ten other bloggers below! We want everyone in the whole blogging community to have a chance to share what they are grateful for. :) Make sure to leave a comment on each blog you nominate, letting them know they were tagged.

4. Put a picture somewhere on your blog that thanks the person(s) who tagged you.

You can also nominate someone for this tag by commenting on their blog, "I've nominated you for the Grateful Blogger Tag!" or something of that sort. :)

Next up:
Thank you Polka dot bee, Ginny, June, and Rylee David for nominating me for this wonderful award! I really appreciate it. :D So lets get started!

Here are Rylee's questions for me:

1.Why did you start your blog?
I am not really sure why! But all I new is that I loved dolls. :D
2.What age did you start collecting/liking dolls?
Maybe around 9 yrs old. I never had a AG doll then but I did have other brands of 18" dolls.
3.What is your dream doll?
I have ALWAYS wanted Kanani Akina! GOTY 2011.
4. Do you prefer Historical, Goty, or MAG dolls?
I prefer Girl of the years.
5.If you could go to any AG store, what one would you go to?
Hmm... Mall of America? 

Thank you Rylee for the wonderful questions! Now to move on to Ginny and June's questions! 

1. What is your all time favorite book?
I have favorite series! Percy Jackson.
2. Who is your least favorite AG doll?
Surprisingly it's a MAG. Not sure of what number she is but I'll get that to you all soon in the comments. 
3. What is your favorite holiday?
4. Are you excited for snow or are you very annoyed about it (like Ginny)?
Well, it never snows here where I live so I would gladly accept snow. XD
5. How did you come up with a name for your blog?
It was actually really random! I kept on brain storming ideas and AG Chick popped in my head! :)
6. What is the weirdest word you have ever heard?
I have no idea... Maybe grandiloquent? (It means that you like to say big words to show off)
7. Marvel Comics or DC comics? (we came up with this question because our bro was wearing a Spider Man shirt :))
Marvel all the way!!! No doubt...
8. What do you like best about blogging?
I really like to take pictures of my dolls and show others what I like and don't.

That is all of their questions! Thank you so much. :D

Now to Polka dot bee's questions!

1. Who is the person you admire the most? 
My Mom. My Mom does everything in my crazy big family's house! I hope I can be just like her one day when I have children of my own.
2. What was your first memory of American Girl?
Umm... Thinking of how they make the MAG's. I thought that you would send in a pic of the girl and they would make the doll according to how the girl looked. (I was 6 years old.) WHO WOULD THINK THAT? XD Apparently me...
3. How many doll's do you want altogether? 
Maybe 6 would be nice.
4. Do you prefer Historical or Beforever? 
I really like the new change. So BeForever. 
5. If or when you have went to an AG store, what would be the first thing you do their?
Take a picture in front of the store.

Thank you so much everyone who nominated me for these awards! I really appreciate it. :)
I think that those were all of the awards. If not oh well. I'll do them soon. :D Thanks for reading! See ya Wednesday!