April 16, 2016

It's not the end

(I've re written this post so many times it's not even funny anymore.)

Hi everyone!

This probably isn't really the post that you were looking forward to reading but it has to be said.
I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time!
I just haven't felt very attached to my dolls lately... 
I've barely even touched them since my last post. It's not for any specific reason, I'm not going through anything serious, it's just something that has kinda just happened.
It's been what, pretty much 2 months since I last posted? More? That is pretty out of character for me and I'm surprised myself that I haven't even tried too much to get back into the swing of things. I've been really thinking lately about this blog and what I plan to do with it. (You've probably already guessed where this whole post is going and sadly yes.) I thought that I'd have at least another year of posting on here but after a ton of thought and consideration, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to quit posting on here. 

This is just as much of a shock to you as it is to me really, but I don't think that this is one of those "take a break for a month" situations. I think I'm seriously done with doll blogging...
I don't hate dolls, it's just that dolls aren't my passion anymore and if something isn't my passion I don't want to force myself to do it. It's kind of crazy how much I've changed within 2 months. I've found other things that I absolutely love the same way that I used to love our doll blogging community! Photography, playing the piano, my friends and family etc. I've moved on, and actually, I'm really glad that I made this blog. It's what I needed at the time. I don't regret it all all. It made me feel needed, and just made me feel like I had a purpose. You guys are the most amazing followers out there. You are always so encouraging, nice, great feedback givers, and just everything that I asked for plus more. I couldn't have asked for better people to follow my blog.
Bella from A Doll's Life was so sweet and commented on my previous post asking me if I was okay because I hadn't posted in such a long time. And I don't think ya'll know how much that means to me! That you guys sincerely care when I'm gone. 
(Btw you should totally go follow her if you haven't already because her blog is amazing ;))

Ya'll are just so amazing, words can't even describe the way I feel towards ya'll. It's been an incredible journey blogging on here. 

But guys, don't fret just yet ;) You'll still get blog posts from me. I'm not totally gone. I'll post on my personal blog Grey Not Blue. It will be my top priority now to post at least every week. If you aren't already following make sure to follow so you don't miss a single post from me! 

I'm so very thankful for my accomplishments that I've made here. They may be small in some people's eyes, but they are huge in mine.

62 fantastic followers
36478 Page views
193 Posts
6 dolls

And if you were wondering I am still going to be active in commenting on ya'lls posts, and I will definitely still leave the blog up. I've made way too many memories on here to just erase them with one click of a button. And if ya'll have any questions for me about anything as long as it's not too personal feel free to ask. I'd love to chat with you guys. 

If someone hasn't told you already today, you're beautiful, you're fantastic, you're just plain amazing. Don't ever let anyone or even yourself tell you otherwise.

I'm sure going to miss this.


February 29, 2016

Farm girl//AGPS

Hello everyone!
So sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time!
Anyways, I took some photos of Leah in Kit's chicken keeping set.
I hope you like these photos!


What is your favorite photo?
Thanks for reading!

February 12, 2016



Hope you enjoyed these photos! I took them a few months ago but I just didn't get around to posting them till now. There will be a lot more of them for sure! I did a photo shoot with every girl.
And this is my sister's doll so no, I did not get a new doll in case your were wondering. ^-^
and sorry for all the stuff on my desk. xD

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

February 10, 2016

Claire's auction details

So yes, sadly I am selling Claire.
Like I said in a past post, I just didn't feel the connection.
But, I'm really happy to know that a lot of you are interested in adding her to your doll collection!
I'm sure that she'll find a great home. :)

So here are just some of the basic facts about Claire.
She's a JLY (Just Like You) #23,
She's a Pleasant Company doll which means that she was made and sold before Mattel bought American Girl.
She has light skin, blue eyes, light brown hair, and freckles.
She was made in 2008, so she is 8 years old.

Now onto photos!

Here's an overall picture of Claire.

The color on her face is still great.  She has colored cheeks and lips.

As you can see, she has gorgeous pinwheel blue eyes with AG's cute classic freckles,
Her eyebrows are the classic style. 

Her hair is a light brown, and in good condition for an older doll. There is some dryness at the tips but it isn't bad.
The dryness mostly stays at the tips. The hair at her scalp is soft. 
Claire has some broken hairs which is to be expected.  Because of this, her hair is mildly frizzy on the ends. 
You've seen how great her hair looks in my past posts. It isn't bad at all. I am just being super descriptive in describing her so you know exactly what you are buying. 

She is a Pleasant Company doll which means that she wasn't made and sold when Mattel owned American Girl. That's all the print on her neck means. :)

She can hold a position great, and her limbs aren't loose as you can see in the photo above.

As far as any damage goes, she only has a few shine marks on her face,
a mild scuff on her left limb, and a tiny red dot on her right foot.
I've tried to get all of these marks off her her with a magic eraser, but unfortunately I haven't had any positive results. The red dot Looks like an ink mark.

Eyelids are in excellent condition!
No scuffs or scratches at all that I've seen.
Same for her eyelashes. There aren't any missing eyelashes on her eyelids.

And she does not have her ears pierced.

Over all, Claire's in great condition. The only thing is her hair, which isn't even in bad condition at all. And for a 8 year old doll, if I do say so myself, she's in excellent condition! You can tell that she well cared for.

I'm asking for $90 to buy Claire. Free shipping She would come in a AG GOTY Grace box, with no clothes or accessories.

If you are interested in Claire you can email me at americangchick@gmail.com
I'm not going to hold her for anyone so it's basically first come first serve.
I can take PayPal. 

And for those who live out of the US
I'm sorry to say that I can't ship out to y'all. :/ 

If you have any other questions about Claire, or want a more specific picture of something, feel free to comment down below! I'll answer your questions as best I can.

Thanks for reading!