November 3, 2014

Family photos

Heya everyone! Right now I want to show you my doll's updated family photo's. I really like this set of pictures. I hope you will enjoy them too. So here they are.
 Enjoy! :D

 I really like Saige's outfit this time. Mae looks really good in Saige's meet outfit! Do you agree?

 The one above is my favorite. :D
 There's Mae! Cutie. :)

I will soon be posting their individual pictures so keep a look out. Thanks for reading!  See you Wednesday! Which photo was your favorite?



  1. Those are all soooo pretty! I LOVE Saige's outfit! The one that's your favorite is my favorite too! :)

  2. These photos are gorgeous and the girls are beautiful! ^-^

  3. Aww, the girls look really sweet! I think nine was my favorite :)

  4. Nice photos! My favorite is the first oone of just Saige. She is such a pretty doll. <3


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