February 21, 2014

New AG clothes for spring 2014

As some of us know, American Girl has presented new outfits for dolls and girls for their spring collection! My AG and even historical dolls have new outfits! Plus, new games!

Here are some of my favorite new outfits:

Double-bow dress for dolls $30,                      Floral swim outfit for dolls $30,  

Kits candy-making set $64,                          Rebecca's school play outfit $64,


Happy birthday outfit $24,                                           Pretty pink outfit for dolls $28.

All outfits sold at American Girl.

 I love the color of the double-bow dress, and I like the swimsuit's cute fabric. Kit's dress looks so elegant and silky! Rebecca's outfit features stunning purple and gold color, and the happy birthday outfit seems to be simple, but sometimes that's all you need! 

AG chick

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