May 4, 2015

Say farewell to Caroline

Hi everyone! I'm so sad to bring sad news today... 
The rumors are true. Caroline is retiring. :( 

American Girl just announced it.

They don't have a specific date that they are retiring her but they say she will be retiring "soon" I would think that means this summer or fall.
I am so sad that she is retiring! But also relieved that I got her just in time. 
Well, it is what it is... 
Make sure to get her before she runs out! 
She really is a beautiful doll! I guess not enough people bought her. I'm not really sure if I will get any of her items before she retires. I think the only outfits I really wanted were her Pajamas, and her work outfit. I may only get her PJ's though. 
Do you have her? Are you going to try to get her before she retires?


  1. :(. Very upset. Unless she goes on like a major sale then I won't get her. I'm saving up my money for the contest on my blog and just to save up.

    Allie D.

  2. I love her pjs and work outfit too!
    I hope she's not getting retired in may- then I wouldn't be able to get them.

    1. I don't think she will be retiring that soon. You should have enough time to get what you want though!

  3. I love her work outfit and totally recommend it - it's just the cutest, sweetest thing. <3 I recommend her as well, especially for those into photography. She's stunningly photogenic <3.
    I don't like this one bit. Although, if it was prompted by that copyright issue and Canada, I kind of understand. Kind of. Mattel had a chance to settle where both sides would agree to not press charges and each go about their own merry way (if I remember correctly) and refused. So....only kind of.
    Off I hope to the AG site, where I will see about fetching my darling Caro her travel outfit....

    - Ellie


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