May 1, 2015

AG sales May 2015

Hi everyone! ^_^
This is just a quick post, sorry I don't have anything really fun to read today but I promise I will next week. ^_^
I just thought that I would let you know that there are a few sales going on on the AG website.

Here they are:

First one is up to 30% off select outfits and accessories. But for a limited time. This sale is only through May 10,so hurry! They have doll swimsuits, earrings, and many more things on sale. 

Second one is pretty much self-explanatory.
$10 off $100 in-store and online for the American Girl store.
Code to redeem this coupon is: HAPPYMAY.
I'm guessing the coupon expires when May ends... Not sure though.

AG also has 50% off select items that are on clearance. If you go to their site ( 
there will be a "Sale" category. But keep in mind that once the item is gone, it's gone for good,so make sure to buy everything you want before AG runs out! You can go to the 50% sale here.

I hope this was helpful! ^_^
Have fun shopping! 

P.s. Also, I hear that the new PWP (Purchase with purchase) for the AG stores (In-store only)
is Saige's tunic outfit. DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD THAT THING IS? XD 
It's crazy...
But ugh, you don't even know how much I want that outfit! But at the moment I'm saving up for Grace so I'm not planning on buying any doll outfits anytime soon. That's part of the reason why I've gotten into sewing so much. So I don't have to buy anything... XD 
 See you all Monday!

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