January 8, 2016

Leah Bronwen // Introduction



I'm super excited to have her in my collection! She's absolutely beautiful. Everything is perfect about her.
I decided to name her Leah, and have her middle name be the same as mine which is Bronwen.
Leah is pretty much my twin minus the looks, but her personality is so similar to mine that I decided to keep her name so I could name her after me.
And yes, she has no neck strings which is really messed up.
I really don't get why AG took them off. I mean, I know their reasons, but I don't agree with them.
Comment if you agree with me. :)

Now onto a happy note here are some long awaited photos of the lovely Leah. ^-^

I'm going to be doing a review for her so watch out for that, also, if ya'll want any other reviews of my other dolls just shoot me a E-mail and I'll do it as soon as possible.
I also don't have any idea as of what Leah's personality is. As well as Madison's.
Haha, yeah. I seriously haven't made up my mind on what kind of person Madison is.
I'm leaning toward her being athletic, but if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment them for Leah, and Madison.
I think that's it, so I hope you had a fantastic day!


  1. aw, she's so cute. <3 and bronwen is such a pretty middle name you lucky duck!! that's a beautiful name.

  2. I absolutely hate that AG took off the neck strings. It's going to take a while for people to find out how to customize Lea. I never actually put two and two together and Leah is your name and the doll is Lea so now she's Leah. I was totally oblivious! Haha! :)

    I love the front part. YAS I GOT LEA.

    Gorgeous photography.

    Allie D.

    1. Oh, haha! And yes, it's a problem. :|

  3. She is gorgeous! Great photos!

  4. Ugh I don't like at all how AG took off the neck strings. First of all, it's going to make customizing much harder, second of all, it's taking away one of the last visible reminders of PC and the more heirloom quality dolls that were produced back then. Does it make your Lea's head harder to turn? I know some people have complained of that, I was wondering if you had the same problem.
    AHHHHHHH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR MIDDLE NAMEEEEEE. I would kill to have a name like that. It's so pretty. *sighs*

    - Ellie

    1. I'm personally surprised that Leah's head isn't hard to turn at all! Haha, thanks. ;)

  5. She is gorgeous! And her name....well, your name too, IS GORGEOUS!!! Everything about her is GORGEOUS! I am dying!! :)

  6. I dislike her because she has no strings. It's not an American Girl without strings.

  7. Hi, I love this!
    Did you mean yes? You said yas.

    1. I was actually aiming to say "yas". It's kinda a more slang/loose way of saying yes. ;) thanks for the concern though.

  8. Uh... Did you mean yes? You said yas.
    No offense.

    1. No offense taken! :) I was actually aiming to say "yas" instead of yes. It's a more relaxed way to saying yes. Thanks for the feedback though!


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