January 5, 2016

OOTD // Monday // ft. Madison

Hello everyone! How has everyone's day been?
Today, Madison will be doing a post all about what she wore to the American Girl store!
(She thinks that she went to the AG store but she really didn't)
I know that on your feed it may say "Monday" and that's because I was supposed to post it yesterday, but I obviously didn't, so I just decided to make due with what I have. xD


Hey everyone! Madison here.
So yesterday, I went to the AG store with all the girls! I decided to take pictures of what I was wearing so that I could show ya'll what I wore!

The top that I'm wearing is from the etsy shop PolkaDotBee123. I highly recommend her clothes!
They're sewn really well and are fabulous quality.

My bracelet is from American Girl and is sold with Grace GOTY 2015.
I basically wear it everywhere because it goes with a lot of outfits.

For bottoms I'm wearing some black leggings from Saige's sweater outfit sold by American Girl. Sadly they are retired so you can't buy them from AG anymore.

For shoes I'm wearing these grey ones with little bows from AG that are from Grace's meet outfit.
I absolutely love these boots because they are so useful! You can wear them with so many outfits!

As for my hair, I did Rey's hairstyle from Star Wars but a relaxed version of it because I have layers in my hair which makes it when I do buns, hairs tend to pop out.
But I really like how it turned out! Relaxed, or not it's still gorgeous. Plus it's a great hairstyle to do your errands in. It's a great last minuet hairstyle that you can do.

Here's a overview of my whole outfit.

 I hope that you enjoyed reading this! If you would like more of these kinds of posts of me showing you what I'm wearing, make sure to tell my mom!




  1. LOVE the outfit! And your hair looks awesome, Madison. :)

    - Ellie

  2. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! And I absolutely love her hair, its adorable! :D

  3. Beautiful photography! I love everything; the outfit and her hairstyle look spectacular! :)

    ~ Mint

  4. You look so great Madison! I love your outfit! Also your hairstyle is so cool! I love how you've improvised to make it work with your layers, very clever :-* Maybe you should do a tutorial sometime O.<

  5. Grace looks really cute. I love her hair. I've got to try out the relaxed Rey hairstyle sometime.
    - Zoë


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