January 2, 2016

Kanani & Lea collection comparison

In my last post when I reacted to Lea and her collection, I mentioned that her collection reminded me a lot of Kanani's (GOTY  2011)

In this post I'm going to show ya'll what I mean if you weren't able to see it.
I'm not saying that it's necessarily bad that the items are alike, but I think that AG needs to get at least a little more creative these days.

Doll comparison:

I have to say that this comparison is a bit of a stretch while there is not much resemblance at all between them. I think it's the hazel eyes that make them look similar and that's as far as it goes.
But you get what I mean right?
I think that Lea is a mix between Mckenna, Rebecca, and Kanani.

The next comparison is between Kanani's ice stand, and Lea's fruit stand.
They may not look alike, but it's the similar idea that I noticed.

Next is Kanani's Paddle Board and Lea's Kayaking set.
It's like what I said before, it's not really the appearance that is similar, its just the idea of it.
I also kind of noticed that their stories are roughly similar. I haven't read neither Kanani's or Lea's stories so correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the whole story in itself seem kind of similar? They both either live, or visit the tropics.

last but not least Kanani's Aloha outfit, and Lea's Hiking outfit.
White tops, and Capri's. While the shoes aren't the same, there's still a lot of resemblance in these outfits. I know that the outfit purpose isn't the same either.


That's all that I have for right now. What are your thoughts?
I'm not in any way saying that it is bad that AG has re-used ideas, it's just that lately it seems the creativity quality of their items have decreased. I personally am okay with it because Kanani is my favorite GOTY and I missed out on her collection due to me not being introduced to American Girl dolls at that time, and with such resemblance to her items in Lea's collection I may snatch a few items. Maybe American Girl re-uses some of their past GOTY items because they sold so well back then, they thought that they'd do even better now! That's my guess.

Make sure to let me know what your thoughts are! Tell me if you think I'm stretching it a bit.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I think her story is like Jess's mostly. Could you please check out my blog? I'm trying to get 50 subscribers by January 3rd, and I only need three more! If I can get that many by tomorrow, than I will have a doll related giveaway. Thanks!

  2. I agree with the decreasing quality in American Girl's items. It's disappointing :(

    Allie D.

  3. i agree with bella- her story is similar to jess's.

    i do agree they've been less creative. The girl of the year stories are always about girls today but i don't know many girls heading to brazil (although i don't know anything about her story)


  4. i agree, as soon as i saw the first leaked photo of lea i immediately thought of kanani and jess (along with rebecca and mckenna regarding appearance). i do like a lot of lea's collection accessory-wise (all her outfits are either tacky or boring in my opinion), and i missed out on things like kanani's paddleboard set and her shave-ice stand, so i'm excited about that. another similarity between kanani and lea's collections are the animals—kanani had a monk seal available, and lea has the sloth, cat, and sea turtle. but again, i think lea's animals are very cute so i won't complain there (plus my monk seal that i got with kanani would enjoy a friend ;}).

  5. Yeah I feel like she is a combination of Kanani, Lanie, and Jess. Her collection is definitely inspired by Kanani..you're comparison pictures prove it! And the saving animals theme ties back into Kanani and Lanie. Plus, like Bella said, her story is really similar to Jess.

    I still like a lot of her collection, I just wish she was more unique. A lot of her items don't interest me a ton because they are too similar to pieces I already own. xD

    ~ Mint

  6. I didn't really think how similar both collections are until you compare them side by side! It seems like American Girl used the same concept but made it slightly different to still say , see? The collection is so different ;)

  7. I think you're exactly right. Lea might not really look like Kanani, but she does have similar color eyes, similar style and color hair, and similar colored skin. So it's not the same, but it does remind one of her. And I agree of her accessories and clothes, too, especially the last comparison of the outfits. AG isn't original, in my opinion. When you combine Kanani and Rebecca's features (and a little of McKenna) and Jess' story, you have Lea.



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