January 9, 2015

Photo Friday ~ Ft. Mae, and Saige.

Hey everyone! This past week I took some photos of Saige and Mae together! They are doing bff/sister poses. Tell me if you like them! Which one is your favorite picture? 
So anyways, it was a little windy when I took the pictures so Mae's hair may be a little messed with in a 
few photos. Enjoy!

Isn't Kit's/Saige's skirt really pretty?

Btw they are making a heart. XD

Do you like Saige's hair?

That's it! Thanks for reading. Also, starting on Monday I will be doing weekly polls. So if you have any ideas on what you readers should vote on, comment down below! Also, on my Google+ I have a poll on how much you like the Girl of the year! So make sure to vote. :) And while your at it follow me! I'm not sure how long the poll will last, so hurry if you want to vote. :D See you next week! Bye!

Fun facts:
What Saige is wearing:
Part of Kit's classic meet outfit,
An American Planet tank top,
and the True spirit outfit boots.
Saige is GOTY 2013. 

What Mae is wearing:
Shoes and top are from The AG "Feeling Great outfit"
The shorts are from the AG "Coconut fun outfit"
Mae is MAG #37.



  1. These pictures are so gorgeous Leah!! Ugh they look so, so cute!! <3 I love these too much okay?xD

  2. Wow! These are just stunning! I love the vibrant colors and the girls look so pretty! Their outfits are so cute! I love Saige's hair! You are one amazing photographer! :)

  3. I love Saige's Hair!!!!!!!!!!! Do cute!!!!!!

  4. Leah, you did a great job on these photos!! I really love them all, but I like the first one especially. :)


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