December 15, 2014

The twisted braid hairstyle tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing  you a hairstyle that I made that was inspired by the Criss-Cross braided hairstyle from American Girl Fan. The original tutorial is HERE. I call this one the twist braid. OK so lets get started! The supplies you will need are:

Your American Girl brush, (or any wired wig brush)
2 elastic hair-ties,
2 mini jaw clips (Or any small clip),
2 Bobby pins,
and your long haired doll.

 So the first step is you will want to section off the front of the hair towards her head. The piece after the ear is a good amount. Next, section that piece of hair into 2 strands. Then section those 2 pieces of hair into 2 groups of 3. So you will have a total of 6 strands. Working with 3 of the strands, (closest together) start a tight braid. Once you are at the ends, secure with a clip. Do the same for the 3 other strands.
 It should look like this.
 So now you have that done. Next, to start the "twist" pull the braid that is closest to her head under the other braid. The picture should show you. Next start twisting the to braid strands to form a twisted strand with the braids.
 It should look like this. At this point you should still have the clips in securing the braids. Once you are at the end of twisting the braids together, un-clip the clips from the braids, and secure the twist with a elastic hair-tie. Now you will have a strangely cool braid twist! Repeat on other side of the head.
 Once you have done the other side of her head, join the twists together to make a loop around her head. Next, take a bobby pin, and go from under the twist and go through the twist with the bobby pin joining the actual hair strands from the head that aren't braided. Did that make sense? Do the same on the other side. So really there is only 1  bobby pin securing the 2 joined braids on both sides. If you have any questions just comment down below. :D I'd be happy to help.
 And there you have it! The twisted braid. Enjoy! If you would like, you can secure the 2 twists with another elastic hair-tie. But in my case the bobby pins are holding great.

 If you would like to send me a picture of your doll with this hairstyle E-mail me at If I get enough pictures I'll feature them in a future post. :D
Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in a little while. :D

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~ Leah 


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! The hairstyle is awesome Leah!!!! I love the new blog design, it looks Christmas-y. :)

  2. Cute hairstyle! I love to braid things!

  3. Nice hairstyle. :) And I love the new background!!

  4. Super pretty! I do this a lot on Caroline. :)

  5. That is sooo pretty! I will have to try that sometime! :)


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