December 12, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Decorating for Christmas! A photo story

Hey everyone! This is officially my first photo story. So bear with me. And if there is anything that you see that I would need to fix let me know in the comment box. I gladly except feedback. So I hope that you enjoy it! Today the girls will be 
purchasing a Christmas tree and decorating it for the Christmas season! Enjoy!

On the way to the "tree farm".
Saige: "OK girls, lets go. We don't want to be caught in the dark while coming back home.
Claire: "OK. Brr... It's so cold out here! I can't believe that this is our first Christmas together!
Mae: "I know! It seems like yesterday I came home with Mom."
Saige: "We'll have lots of fun this year girls! You'll see."
                                                              At the Christmas tree farm.
Saige: "OK girls, we're here. Lets pick a tree that we all like. We have 30 minuets."

Mae: "Ooh! I am really liking this one! It's so bushy and big!"

Claire: "Nah Mae, I like this one! Yours is too big for the apartment. Mine is taller and thinner."
Saige: "This one is nice girls...-"
Claire: "No Mae! We should get my tree that I picked! It's smaller!"
Mae: "Why is mine not good?  Yours is too-"

Saige: "Girls! Enough! Stop fighting. I can't believe that you two are already fighting. It's our first Christmas together as a family. Don't you think that we could be at least a little nicer to each other?"
Mae: "I guess so. Sorry Claire for starting the fight."
Claire: "Nah, it's all good. We can get your tree if you want."

Saige: "Thank you girls for forgiving each other. Now what tree do we want?"
Mae: "I guess I am kinda starting to like Claire's pick."
Saige: "Yes! I totally agree. Is it the one?"
Claire: "Yup! It sure is."
Mae: "Definitely."
Saige: "OK great. Now I'll pay for it. You girls start to carry it. I'll be right with you."
                                                                      On the way home
Saige: "OK Claire, just a little higher."
Claire: "I am trying Saige! And why isn't Mae helping any?"
Mae: "If I do, it'll mess up my sweater!"
Claire: "Oh come on Mae! It's JUST a sweater. You'll probably just get a new one next week or something like that. Mom always spoils you with clothes."
Mae: "She does not!"
Claire: "Does too!"
Saige: "Girls! I thought that I already talked to you both about this fighting you all do. It doesn't make anything better for of us. Please stop!"
Claire: "Fine, we'll stop."
                                                                             At home
 Saige: "Almost there..."
 Saige: "Got it! There! Perfect. Now for the decora...-"
 Mae: "Got them!"
Saige: "OK great Mae! So lets get started on this side... needs it here, and there, OK. Finished!"

 Claire walks in: "It looks really good!
Saige: "I know right? It looks perfec-"

 Mae: "WAIT! I'll be right back! We forgot something."
Claire:  "What in the world? It better not be one of her crazy ideas..."
Saige: "Mae! Come back here! What are you doing?"
 Mae walks in quickly: "You people forgot the stockings and the tree skirt!"
 Claire: "What?... Whatever. But how did we forget the stockings?"
Sagie: "Beats me."

Saige: "Anyways, isn't it a little early to be putting up stockings Mae?"
Mae: "Early? Never!"
Claire: "I guess she's right."
Claire: "But there are only 2 stockings."
Mae: "And there are 3 of us."
Saige: " Guess we'll have to do some Christmas shopping!"


So I hope you all enjoyed this photo story! I should be doing another fairly soon so keep a look out! If there was anything that you saw that needs to be fixed, or you want to lend me advice about photo story's  that would be great! What was your favorite scene? I really liked it when they were carrying the tree back home. By the way there will actually be a tutorial coming up where I show you all how to make your own stocking for your dolls. So stay tuned!

~ Leah 


  1. Cute Leah! Those doll stocking look so cute!!
    I still have yet to do a photo story on my blog. I guess I'm just to lazy to do one right now...;D

  2. Great photo-story! I can definitely relate to the fighting Mia and Felicity fight all the time ;)

  3. Aww Leah, this was such a cute photo-story. I love how the stockings look hung on the tree. So adorable. ^_^

  4. That is ADORABLE Leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it!!!!!!!! I don't think I could pick a
    favorite scene, they are all awesome.

  5. Aww, I really liked this photostory!! It's very creative!! :)

  6. Oh, my gosh! This is so so so incredibly adorable! This is incredible for a first-time photostory. Keep up the amazing work! <3

  7. Cute! The tree looks so perfect and I LOVE Claire's hat and scarf!

  8. Oh my goodness this is soooo cute!!!!!!!! I love the little tree farm! I really enjoyed reading this! :)


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