August 10, 2014

Isabelle Movie review

Have you seen American Girl Isabelle's new movie? I did this past week with my sisters and it was really good. We are going to have a movie night with some of my friends to watch it again!


My favorite part of the movie is when Isabelle performs at the very end. I love the way she dances. One of my sisters favorite parts is the dance off between Isabelle and Renata in the cafeteria.  Compared to some other AG movies this one was actually more relate-able than others. (For me at least)  Even if I am not going to buy Isabelle, I still like her collection and her movie. :) If you haven't seen her movie yet and are thinking about it, see it! Have a movie night with your friends. They don't have to like dolls to see it. It's for everyone. Have fun! :)

AG Chick

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