August 22, 2014

Knot Hairdo

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to show you how to do a knot hairdo on you doll. This hairstyle is really easy and fun to do, plus fast. This hairstyle is from Cute Girls Hairstyles so go check them out on YouTube. First what you will need is a AG doll hairbrush and a spray bottle with water. That is really all you need for this hairstyle. :)  This hairstyle is intended for longer haired dolls.
This is the original that I found off of pinterest.

First lightly mist your dolls hair, then brush out the hair so there are no tangles, then section off two thick strands of hair towards the front of her head. BTW I am working with Saige GOTY 2013

 Then sweep back the two strands and tie a knot like the beginning of tying your shoe.
 Then do it again. The same thing as above. But make sure all along that your aren't keeping  the knot tight, but soft and loose.
If you had any trouble E-mail me about it and I will try to fix your problem.

 And you are all done!
I hope you had fun doing this hairstyle and send me photos of your doll with this hair-do or any others you try at and I will post them in a later post. I hope you like this and make sure to rate this post (its towards the comment section) Until next time! Bye.

AG Chick

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  1. That's super cute and looks super easy! I will have to try that sometime!


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