August 28, 2014

Welcome BeForever!!!

All-new fun! Samantha. Welcome back a beloved favorite! Shop now

 Almost everyone has been waiting for the new BeForever line to be presented. And now it is here! American Girls new Beforever Line is officially here. American Girl has all of the new dolls and items online and in store right now! Check out some of the really cute new outfits here. Go check out the new dolls here. Who is your favorite doll? I really like Kits new meet outfit. Anyone planning on getting Samantha?I am still thinking about it. I am so glad she is back and out of the archives. Also American Girl has brought back historical doll's meet outfits for girls! All of them are really cute. To see the new girl outfits click here. Another exciting thing is on the AG website, Play has new BeForever games! Go check them out. :)
A really unsurprising thing with AG is that their prices for dolls went up. $110, to $115. It was already really expensive at $110! Not cool AG... Which outfit are you going to get next? Comment down below!

AG Chick

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