October 29, 2014

Ringlets ~ How To

This post is about my opinions on how to take care of #44's, Cecile's, etc. hair.

Hey everybody! Today I thought that it would be a great idea if I showed you how to take care of #44's hair or any other AG doll that has those really tight ringlets. So lets get started! Here I have one of my younger sisters doll. Her name is Delilah. She is a really pretty doll with beautiful hair!
This is Delilah's hair up close. She has beautiful ringlets. But they are only pretty if you take care of them right. There are different methods on how to take care of this type of hair, but this works better for me personally.  
So really the fist step on how I take care of her hair is: I first mist the ringlet, then I gently comb it out so it is going to look sort of frizzy.
(Your probably like what in the world are you thinking girl?!? I know I know, but this is what they do at the American Girl salon for this type of hair. And it works!)
 When you are done combing it out with a AG brush you will want to twist and combine all of those annoying fly a ways. And you are done! Also if your doll's curls looks shriveled up, and wet, its OK. When it all drys it will regain its full curl. And that is all there is to it!

 Now Delilah's hair is smooth and fly a way free! Hope this helped with taking care of your dolls hair. If you have any questions or ideas, just comment below!

 Here is a video that I found on YouTube of the AG salon doing this type of hair.

And they are really harsh with her hair...

 Now for a few photo's. :)

 The one above is probably my favorite out of all of them.

 Which photo was your favorite?
How do you take care of your dolls hair? If you have any questions just comment them down below!
 I know that there is another way to take care of their hair which is finger curling, but I find this to work better for me personally. Thanks for reading and I will see you Friday! :)

AG Chick


  1. Her ringlets are gorgeous!!! ^-^

  2. Awesome tutorial! #44 is SUCH a cute doll! She Is one of the dolls on my wish list! Love the pictures at the end! ;)

    1. I know! She is a really pretty doll. :D


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