October 7, 2014

AG 2014 winter

American Girl has set out a sneek peek on their Pinterest on what will be released October 9 2014 for the seasonal outfits and accessories this winter. I can't wait till it all comes out! Lets take a look. Doll Diaries also has a opinion about this HERE. OK now to the pictures.

Happy Holiday Dress for Dolls"Hit the Slopes" Outfit for DollsSilver Shimmer Dress for DollsSparkly Skating Set for DollsWestern Plaid Outfit & Hat
Fair Isle Pajamas for DollsWinter White Outfit for DollsPretty Pink Riding Outfit & HelmetSkis & Helmet Set
I do not own any rights to these pictures. 

And there is much more. So what are your thoughts on all of this? A lot of people aren't to happy with the pink. My personal favorite is probably the ice skating outfit. A lot of people are really excited for the western outfit. Its cute! The snowboarding outfit is interesting... My only complaint with it is the AG AG AG AG  all over the jacket!!! I am OK with the pink but really!?! Its not only little girls purchasing these outfits. Lots of adult collectors and teenager collectors buy from AG. I guess its time for me to pull out my sewing machine! I think AG failed to include the "Holiday" part of their winter release. What are your thoughts on these outfits? Planning on getting any of this?
Thanks for reading!

AG Chick


  1. Too much pink!!! That blue dress is pretty, though. I don't usually buy clothes from American Girl, but I might try sewing my own versions of those outfits.

    1. That seems like a great idea! To sew your own versions. I need to do that too. :)

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have mixed feelings too. I think the western outfit is adorable!!! However, I agree that they definitely lost the "holiday" bit if it.

    ~ Mint

  3. I like a few things, but I really wish AG could use at the very least, a lighter tone of pink. The neon is a bit much, for me at least. I really like the holiday dresses this year, although I wish they were more holiday-ish... I doubt that's even a word but still. xD


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