October 24, 2014

Photo Friday ~ Halloween

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing you what my dolls are going to be for Halloween! "Witch" photo was your favorite? Enjoy! 

 First off is Mae. I am not really sure what she is so yeah... She was supposed to be a nerd I guess, but it didn't work out. :D

 But who cares what she is? I really like her photos. 
 Comment down below if you have any idea of what Mae is. ;)

 Next is Claire, being a ballerina! My younger sister made the Tutu for her. I love you and it so much!

 I love Claire's tiara hair piece. Very cute!
 Next is Saige! And yes she is a cheerleader. Surprisingly everything she is wearing is from different company's! Build a bear, Etsy, and other random 18" doll clothes brands. And it all goes together perfectly!

 I love Saige's flower bow, it adds a lot to her outfit.

Thanks so much for reading! I really like taking pictures of my dolls. "Witch" costume was your favorite?  What are your dolls going
to be for Halloween? Comment down below! Happy Halloween!
Until next week, Adios! 

AG Chick


  1. I like Saige's outfit but they're all cute. Mae looks like a 70's girl... maybe a headband slipped over her forehead could tie it all together...? Either way, uber cute. =)

  2. I should try that! I'll use one of Julie outfits.

  3. Awww! Their outfits are all soooo cute! I think Saige's is my favorite! :)


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