October 20, 2014

Mae's Faves

Hey everyone!
Right now I am going to share with you some of Mae's favorite hairstyles! Mae has short, straight hair, that at times can be hard to style. So this may help you with your short haired dolls. (If you have one) YouTube can also help a lot! Just search up American Girl doll hairstyles for short hair and lots of videos will pop up.

 First is the twist and clip back style. It is REALLY easy. So all you do is take the front section
of your doll's hair, twist it and then clip it back with a mini jaw clip or a bobby pin. Done! Super easy and cute. :)
 Next is the same concept as the previous hairstyle above but you just add a elastic hair tie and a bow. :)
 Mae also really likes to wear headbands. Any kind of them! And they look really cute on her. :)

You have seen this hairstyle a lot on Mae because it is super easy and it adds the perfect
touch to all of her outfits. All you do is section off the front of her hair, braid it 
tightly, then sweep it back, and secure with a bobby pin. Done!
Last but not least, Mae loves her hair to be all down and "natural". Though at times her hair gets a bit crazy...
Really the only thing she does to her hair is add accessories. Here hair is really easy to take care of and would be a great first doll. You can also do pigtails, waterfall braids, things like that. It just may take more time.

Thanks for reading! Like this post if you want to see more of this. Comment down below! See you all later!

AG Chick


  1. Charlie is the same doll as Mae, and I do almost all of these things to her. She looks adorable in pigtails, and with just a strand clipped back. :)

    1. I know! It is so easy to do her hair. :D

  2. Those hairstyles are soooo cute! I love the one with the bow! ;)

  3. I love the braid style! It looks so cute on her. :) She also looks great with bows and headbands.

    ~ Mint

  4. Remember there's few more days to answer the poll "What Would You Like to See"


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