September 19, 2014

FunwithAGfan giveaway prize review

So, a while back I won a giveaway from FunwithAGfan, prize being some of American Planet's Etsy shop items and clothes. + back to school accessories. They are really cute!
To the photos!

First I'll show you the school accessories. It came with a backpack, folder, ruler, lined paper, crayons, and a calculator. So cute!  I can't get over the REALLY CUTE CRAYONS!!! Wow... I had no idea about how cute they were...  :) Also everything included fits neatly in the backpack.

Next is the shopping bag, and bracelet. The bracelet is really cute and goes really well with the outfit. :) The shopping bag is perfect for all my dolls.
 Now on to the outfit! The outfit includes sneakers, two tops, and a pair of jeans. The jeans go well with any top. My favorite shirt of these two is probably the tribal print one. It seems that it is made out of knit.
Here are pictures of Mae modeling the outfit and backpack. So cute!
 The pattern of this shirt is really pretty. :)

 As you can see everything needed for school is fitted neatly in the cute backpack. I will be using this all the time. :)
Everything included in this prize is really good quality! The brown top has really cute designs with a guitar, and it looks like an angel? Not sure but I love it! Sorry for the window scene, it was a rainy day.
 Thank you so much FunWithAGFan & American Planet. Y'all are awesome! Stop by American Planet's Etsy shop HERE. Her outfits for dolls are fabulous. :) Stop by FunWithAGFan's blog HERE. She does AMAZING crafts for dolls. :)
Thanks for reading! & stay tuned for my review of an outfit from American Planet!

AG Chick


  1. That prize is soooo cute! You are so lucky you won it! The pictures you took of it are super cute! Do you recommend that doll? My sister wants to buy it today, so it would be awesome if you could tell me what you think about her!

    1. I have had Mae for almost a year and she is wonderful! Her hair is a really pretty strawberry blonde, (its not quite a deep red) and her hair length is really cute. Although you can't do too much to her hair except maybe put a headband or a small braid, she was worth it in my eyes! Good luck!


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