March 23, 2015

Buttercups ~ A photo shoot


Hello everyone! So I hope you enjoyed the photos  of Amelia! ^_^ 
 This is actually my last photo shoot with this camera! Yes, I got a new camera! I am so excited! I'll post more details about it tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! ^_^ Make sure to comment which photo was your favorite!

Also don't forget to vote on my newest weekly poll! Last weeks question was: "Which retired historical doll do you wish you had?" And the majority of people want the doll: Emily Bennett! She really is a gorgeous doll. :)
This weeks question is: "How many dolls do you have?" So make sure to vote!

Thanks for reading! 

Fun fact: My family always called these flowers Buttercups , because when you smell them, you get the tiniest hint of peanut butter scent!


  1. My favorite is the first and tenth photo!

  2. Wow!!! These are absolutley gorgeous Leah! I love those little flowers! They make the pictures look so pretty! I can't wait to see your new camera! :)

  3. Pretty photos! Love the flowers!


  4. Lovely pics! Such pretty flowers, and Amelia's hair is gorgeous.


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