March 4, 2015

Spring is in the air! ~ A photo shoot Ft. Saige

Hey everyone! So there are already signs of spring everywhere where I live! I mean, flowers are already blooming. "Spring is in the air!" XD Yeah, pretty much. So I am super excited about it so I decided to take a few photos of Saige out in the field of flowers! 

I just love this picture!

This dirt road is so cool I think. Especially with the flowers blooming along the way gives it a nice spring feel! Spring is coming you guys! I can't wait...

I love how the sky looks dreary, but then the color of the flowers just pop against it! It looks so pretty.
It may look just a little chilly but it was seriously freezing! My hands were super cold after.
Make sure to comment down below on which photo was your favorite! What's your favorite thing about spring?

Until next time!


Fun facts:
Saige is wearing:
Exclusive poncho and headband from AG
And the:"True spirit outfit" from American Girl.


  1. I love this photoshoot!! I don't know which is my absolute fav; they're all so pretty! Our tulips have started to come up, but like four inches of snow covered them yesterday. xD

  2. I just love Saige's hair and those little purple flowers!

  3. Pretty photos! I'm super jealous of your green grass and flowers, because we just got TONS of wet, wet snow. It's pretty cool, but it's March!
    I love photos 30 and 31. Great angle!

  4. Cute photoshoot! It is also starting too look like spring here in Florida because it has been up in the 80's lately. Yay!! I am tired of the cold.


  5. Wow! These are gorgeous!!! I absolutley love them! The scenery is sooo beautiful and Saige looks so cute! You are such an amazing photographer! :)

  6. Amazing photos! My favorite is numer 30!:)


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