March 2, 2015

New signature, this weeks poll, + Special surprise?

Hey everyone! So I recently made my own signature and I am super excited about it! I love the way it looks. Do you? I am super happy about it. ^_^

I think it's absolutely G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I love the way water color looks. ^_^ I hope to learn how to do it sometime. 

Now discussing this weeks poll. So this past weeks poll got really good results. So the question was: what would you like to see more of on my blog?

 So the most voted for was... Crafts! Yes, I haven't been doing very many crafts lately so I'll do that more! But make sure to comment down below which crafts you would like to see me do!

 Coming in second are: Hairstyle tutorials, and Photo stories. I have a photo story coming! I've had it for soooo long but have been too lazy to post it. :P But I'll post it soon!

Coming in third are: Photo shoots, and sewing tutorials. I think I do enough photo shoots right? And I count sewing under crafts.

Coming in fourth is: AG news. I'll do that more! Do you all want to see like when AG has sales, coupon codes, and all of that? Let me know.

Coming in fifth are: Reviews. I'll definitely try to do that more! 

Coming in sixth is: Who whore it best. I'll have one up soon!

So the last choice that you could choose is "Other". It got two votes. I'm wondering what in your opinion "Other" means. What's another thing that you would like to see on this blog? Make sure to let me know! I'll try my best to do it. :)

 So this next weeks poll is: "Who are your favorite BeForever characters?" Make sure to vote! You can select multiple answers if you'd like to. :)

So you're probably wondering what the special surprise is, but you tell me... 
You all can leave your guesses in the comments down below and I'll announce the surprise either this Friday, or next Monday. We'll see. And those who guess it correctly will get a shout out when I announce it! Good luck!
(I am so excited! ^_^)

(Two signatures in one post is a little much don't ya think? ;) )


  1. Yes I love your signature! Watercolors are just so cool.
    Right now I am idea hunting for ways to make a doll room that's kinda portable, because tri-fold boards aren't working for me at the moment. So you can invent something like that for crafts.
    About the AG news? Yes. All that.

    I bet you're either getting a boy doll or grace.


    1. Thanks. :) And let me see if I'm getting this right: So you want a doll room that is portable, not tri-folded, that looks like a regular room? I think I have something in mind...

  2. Your new signature is super pretty! I love it! Hmmm......I think you're getting a new doll! :D


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