March 9, 2015

Fair isle Pajama review

Hello everyone!  I'm pushing the photo story with the girls learning about Amelia, to Wednesday. So look out for that. :) Today, I will be doing a review on a outfit that I got along with Amelia's order! Amelia will be  modeling the outfit for us. :) Enjoy!

 Here's an over view of the outfit
It comes with:
1. Top
1. Pair of leggings
1. Hair tie
1. Pair of booties.
 It is super adorable! The colors are really bright which makes it really cute. If you don't like pink, then this is definitely NOT the outfit for you. ;) But lucky me, my dolls love pink!

 My favorite part about this set are probably the leggings! They are full of cute colors and I love how they look on my dolls.

The little booties are just too darling! The only thing is that it's not very supportive at the sole part of the shoe. I'm personally OK with it, but again, that's my own opinion. I've heard a few people who don't like it.

 The leggings have a really cute pattern of little X's, and snowflakes! The leggings do have little hints of white and green every once in a while. It's super cute. ^_^ Even though this is meant to be a winter PJ set, you can use it all year round if you'd like!
 Here's a close up picture of the cute snowflake details on the top.

Overall, this pajama set is adorable! It will look great on any doll. And there's a lot of mix and match potential. It's on sale right now online at So go check it out if you'd like! Its normal retail price is $24 USD, but it's on sale for $13 USD. There's also a lot more items on sale right now! It's "While supplies last" so once it's gone, it's gone! I Hope you find what you're looking for! By the way, don't forget to vote on my poll! This weeks question is "Do you like the old MAG pets better than the new ones?" Make sure to vote!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome reveiw! Those PJ's are adorable and Amelia looks sooo cute in them! I really want to buy them! :)

  2. Thanks for the review! Those are super cute!


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