April 10, 2015

Truly Me is official!

Hello all of my lovely readers! ^_^ 
Yup! You read right! Truly Me is official!

All photos are mine.

Well, it's not "technically" official because AG hasn't announced it, but all of the evidence is there so I think it's really going to happen.
Anyways, I went to www.americangirlpublishing.com and I looked for anything there that would 
have something about "Truly Me" (the new makeover for the MAG's.) I've had some luck there before, and they did have something! So I found a few books that American Girl should be releasing soon. Maybe when they release Truly Me, or maybe later on. 
So it is rumored that it should come out in May this year! A little while ago I heard that it would be released in late February, but it has obviously not been.

Here's a picture of the Truly Me logo.

(I am so sorry for such a grainy photo! I tried different ways to take the pic to see if it would change the quality but they all failed. Sorry!)
But anyways, this is the new Truly me logo. (If you can see it. XD )
the "Friends forever" is not part of it. Only the Truly Me part. 
I think it's really cute! I like the colors. As well as the font.

Here's the actual book where I got the logo from. It's called "Truly Me Friends Forever". I'm not really sure of what it's all about but it has activities to do with your best friends.

Here's why I think American Girl will be changing it.

1. American Girl right now has the Charm keeper necklace for dolls on sale right now. They also have some books on sale, and they don't put the charms (to go on the Charm-Keeper necklace) in the MAG outfits anymore. They also have outfits for the MAG's with the charms included with them on sale right now so they can get rid of them in time for this new change.

5. I have studied the time pattern of when American Girl has updated the MAG line. They have started giving it a makeover about every 2 years, while giving the dolls a new meet outfit. Although the "American girl of today" didn't change the name for about 10+ years, they still changed the meet outfits. So we pretty much already knew this was coming. After changing the name to "Just like you dolls" AG started to change it every 2 years. And it seems like they want to keep it that way. 
I just don't get why they keep changing the names. Hopefully they will keep this one.

Here are a few other things that I have thought about if AG does do this.

2. Will American Girl shut down Inner Star U? I'm not really sure. It wouldn't really be a big deal for me because I don't even play very often, but I don't know about those nine year old's... I'm thinking that if AG does, they may get some complaints about it... Not really sure though. 
They may even just rename the game.

3. Will AG release another doll while they make Truly Me known? 
I think it would be really cool if they did! They haven't added another doll to that collection in a little while. Though I'm not really sure of what other doll they would add. They've pretty much made all the dolls they can. I'm not really sure if they will or not. What do you think/want the new doll to look like?

4. What will the new Truly Me outfits look like? 
We don't know yet.
But I think it would be cool if they designed something that girls today really do wear. This last one didn't really do that. Maybe the skirt yeah, but also maybe shorts, or jeans. Maybe even a dress! But I think AG would want it so girls can actually "relate" to what the dolls are wearing so they can "relate" to the dolls even more than before.
I really do hope they do something a lot cuter than the ones now... I don't mind them, but with my sisters that have bought the MAG's we have about three of them, and that is more than enough of the same outfit for me. 

Whelp, that's all I have. Leave your predictions in the comments down below! If they release another doll, what do you want her to look like? 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! Great reporting, thanks for the update! :)
    I think I'd like a DoC. Yes. A whole host of DoCs. And I'd die of happiness of they brought back the Asian Mold (different from the Jess/Kanani mold!) and the golden skin tone.
    And maybe another redhead with auburn, not caramel, hair.
    And another with blue eyes and black hair.
    Hmm......I wonder about InnerStarU! I have an account, and, though I don't play regularly anymore, it's still fun on boring days, and I'd be majorly upset if they took it away.....it'd be nice if they just changed the name, or removed its association with the brand "My American Girl/Truly Me" itself and just made it a random TM/MyAG game on the site, where you could play with your doll in a virtual school world......hmm.

    - Ellie

  2. I wonder what the meet outfits will look like... I hope nothing pink or frilly or sparkly.

  3. Thanks for letting me know!
    I would love to see an Asian face molded doll like Ellie.
    I would definitely bye an Indian-American doll or an African-American girl doll with braids like my best friend.

  4. Yeah, AG is closing down Inner Star U. It's so sad! :( I've known Inner Star U for, like, 3 years now! IT'S CLOSING ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!


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